Beautiful Words

As we all know, when we move away from the profanities and the shouting, the English language is quite a beautiful one. Some of the words that we hear almost certainly sound made up, or included just to make something sound “smarter” but with the help of beautiful words we can help to give ourselves the kind of emotion that we intended at the start.

This might sound a bit tough, but with the help of upping your vocabulary you can move on from telling someone they look “nice” or “cool” and start giving people genuine compliments in the future!

Not sure if your own linguistic skills are up to scratch? Then you’ll find these beautiful words as the perfect ally in your quest to make others go weak at the knees with your vernacular ability;

This is an excellent word to use instead of “nice”; it means that you are literally finding what is front of you to be too great to be expressed in words. Wow your beloved with this fantastic word that’s just made for putting the smile on someone else’s face.

Epoch Describing a particular time frame or historical period within someone’s life i.e. “the time we spent together was the epoch of my life!” if you want to let someone know you enjoy their company, you can really get top marks by going down this route!

Conflate To describe that you and another person simply go together perfectly; a perfect blending on individuals.

Quintessential This is a commonly used word to give people an idea of just how important they are to you; it effectively means “most essential” and can really help to get the point across as to how much someone means to you!

Aquiver This is a simple and nice way to say that you are quivering or trembling; this is an easy way to give off that impression you are truly humbled by the presence of someone else – what a nice way to pass on the compliment!

Mellifluous This means that something is positive to our ears; when we hear something that is nice to hear it can be described as mellifluous. This will help you give the singer in the household a nice little pick-up by describing their singing skills in a fantastic fashion.

Of course, this is simply the tip of the iceberg regarding the power of the English language. Please add your beautiful words to the comments section.



It just sounds beautiful.

What about...

what about Redamancy?

An author once said..

... that the most beautiful words are: summer afternoon


Commonly on the animal fish and reptiles (Even the mythical animal dragon has scales.)

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I think peter deserves better! no more pixels


who is peter and why does he need more pixels

I dont think soooo

No No No, Not in my house

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