Funny Words

We could not create a site about cool words without having a page for funny words. Funny words can be ones that make you giggle because of how they sound, what they make you think of, or because they have a funny meaning if you think about them long enough. Below is our list of funny words, you can add your own in the comments section.

List of Funny Words

Cattywampus - not straight or centered.
Bosoms - the human chest.
Bumbershoot - an umbrella.
Coccyx - your tailbone.
Cockamamie - something absurd or ridiculous.
Crapulence - when you get sick because you eat to much, it is a real word, look it up.
Discombobulate - to confuse.
Dollop - a blob of something.
Gobbledygook - hard to understand English.
Gobsmacked - suprised or astonished.
Hippocampus - not a school for hippos but a part of your brain.
Hogwash - simply nonsense.
Hubbub - a noisy situation. What's with all the hubbub bub?
Jiggle - to move up and down.
Klutz - a klutz is a person who is clumsy.
Morass - muddy or boggy ground.
Noggin - another word for your head.
Nosegay - a boquet of flowers.
Poop - well, you know what that is.
Scuttlebutt - rumor or gossip.
Skullduggery - deception or trickery.
Tookus - another word for butt.

Did we miss any funny words? Probably a lot, so feel free to add some.


The the word means is a fear

The the word means is a fear of long words. Secondly, the word doesn't even have numbers? Thirdly, its Pi, not pie. Don't try to look like a smart*ss.


that was awesome

It's pi, not pie

and it's not random numbers


Its the fear of long words. ironic isnt it




The longest word in the dictionary though it means a disease u get from inhaling volcanic dust they could of just stuck with the word disease.

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