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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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When something is so mysterious it just becomes a little too suspicious. EXAMPLE:
When there's too many coincidences in a day involving a person, so you start to think they planned it out. (My sister made it up one day whilst talking to a bunch of people, she wanted to say suspicious, but MYSPICIOUS came out...everyone got it and a whole lot of people are using it, at least family and friends)


Made of all parts or pieces ( prefix omni - all, plex - parts, suffix en - made of )
"Ikea gives way too many pieces, but I finished this omniplexen.


A cool or unusual car


Adjective - A term used to describe the sun shining on the ocean. Instead of shining/shimmering, use 'shunkling'

e.g: The beach looks very pretty today, look at how the water is shunkling.


Noun - A combination of small bits of shell, sand and rock that are uncomfortable to walk over. Found most commonly at the beach.

e.g. I don't like walking over the resiment at the beach, it hurts my feet!


A shorter way of saying "hand sanitizer"

"Hey Cody, can you pass me the hanitizer?"

Boople doop


Meaning: Someone, who is very clumsy

Example: You tripped 3 times today! You are such a Boople doop


(n) Like a twinkle, but not as shimmery or mysterious. (adj. form 'brinkly', verb 'brinkling'

Cartuga (Car-TOO-ga)

A car in the shape of a turtle. You will probably never encounter this object in your lifetime, but if you happen to come across one, call it a cartuga.


To do something for a longer period of time than someone else.

"Sally outsanctuated Sarah when she when she stood in line longer."


An chubby explosive or just a fun interjection when you are excited


that expression is a way of saying um or no comment


so weird its not a word


Hair elestic with two beads that was popular in the 1970s.


More than fun but not better than fun

Funner is a word!!!!!

Funner is soooooooooo a word!!!!!!! Have you people seen Ramona and Beezus. It's a lot funner to say funner!!!!


(n)-The act of creating large series of sounds that have no correlation with one another.
Example- The sjaudicle was way louder than the birds chirping in the distance.

Tilliwinkle (Tilly-Winkel)

Somthing silly or funny. For example:
"Oh Sarah, your such a Tilliwinkle


When your voice cracks at the wrong time. (Like when your talking or making an important speech.)


Used when telling somebody to look in front of them.
"Lena, there's a red-tailed hawk! Fronaya!"


I'm eight years old, and i'm writing a book called "The Staircase To Heaven." This is the perfect word to use.


idk is an abbreviation of 'I don't know'


Someone who takes your nickels and throws them across the room. :P


When someone can't remember the right word for something, it's a gun'-gur-kru-get. Like, Hey! What's in that box? "Gungurkrugets." Oh


Something that makes you almost want to puke!


a german food


when something tastes or smells very strange "this soda is farfanugen"


Meaning dumb but you don't have to say Your dumb instead you say your a dagersnoob


Groenicious: meaning large.

"The student had a groenicious bump on their head after falling off the climber."

Grow idiots

That is just weird k

yes I agree with you but it

yes I agree with you but it does sound cool


A burp and a fart done at the same time.

A Blart.


I just Blart out. Isn't that cool Ms. Jelioper.

Fumaldo !

An Italian saying some curse word that really doesn't exist but sounds nasty.


WTF dudes u can do better than that.


This is what the weather patterns really are. Has nothing to do with global warming or climate change. Mother Nature is off her meds.


A cleverist is the "brains" of the group.


CLEARIFICATION - to clarify and make clear.


This is not a made up word

ACtually it is. Clarification

ACtually it is. Clarification isn't though

STRAGEDY: a plan gone bad.

STRAGEDY: a plan gone bad.


A replacement for the 'F' word from Voltron legendary defenders



this is not a made up

this is not a made up word!!!!!!!!!!


When you sneeze and fart at the same time


The unintelligible noise that comes out of a subway speaker system as you near the stop you're going to miss


used for messy buns because they kinda flop on you head and they look a bit lop-sided. can also be used for other things like that.


when something is weird and awkward

my word (phrase) is "Innit?"

This place is really nice - "Innit?"


When you fling one or more limbs into the air randomly.

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