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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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When you sneeze and fart at the same time


The unintelligible noise that comes out of a subway speaker system as you near the stop you're going to miss


used for messy buns because they kinda flop on you head and they look a bit lop-sided. can also be used for other things like that.


when something is weird and awkward

my word (phrase) is "Innit?"

This place is really nice - "Innit?"


When you fling one or more limbs into the air randomly.


(Adj.) When you feel like someone is hiding something from you.
Ex- "Why do you look pruse? I'm not hiding anything."
(Verb) When someone is hiding something from you.
Ex- "Are you prusing me?" or "Did you just pruse me?"


Verb- to keep hitting something or banging a body part into things that you do not want to....
1 : " I've gurfluncled my toe three times already today on that little chair sticking out in the walkway."
2 : " No , Alicia and I broke up but everyone's on spring break so yea... she came by for a gurfluncling last night."

Stuper doopid

When something is super stupid, it's stuper doopid (or just stuper)


to rummage around in


A pineapple pen thats pooping apple pens


A miss spelling of fret.


It means hyper!(Used to describe one who ate too much sugar)

Meh mi neh

If some thing is meh or not great but not terrible, say its meh mi neh


A colour that you don't but say swauvay to make up for it.


A teacher that picks on you or hates you.


some one that you date

Consonantipated - for playing Scrabble have no vowels, when playing Scrabble or Words With Friends

I think Barshintoga should be a word

Barshintoga is a word that should be on this list. It means to be a SAVAGE! I promise you that this word will be used by everyone in the world.


woh good idea


pronounced -sanetrone
meaning-totally insane that you can not explain
Ex. - she took my laptop she is so santron


When your lazy and basic at the same time.


Someone being lazy and stupid; not wanting to do anything but forgetting to do it something.
Ex- I asked my sister to get me a pop on her way from work 20 minutes ago, but she was too lazid to be nice to me. :*(


Someone being lazy and stupid; not wanting to do anything but forgetting to do it something.
Ex- I asked my sister to get me a pop on her way from work 20 minutes ago, but she was too lazid to be nice to me. :*(


When you end up burping and hiccupping at the same time.


1. To move slowly
2. To chill out and relax
3. To slump over on the floor


When someone is being annoying you call them a shimbleboble or like the name shimbleboble.


This word should be on the dictionary! I used this word every day to my friends. IT'S LITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!


Pronounced goobinshire
means suicide or death

Thank you

I needed a cool not real word for a book im trying to write and this works for " or dimension. If youd like to read what i have, my sc is wolvesinparis10



"The Internet is not working!"
"try an OOT"


Very large.




The act of making an organism or species extinct


Way overenthusiastic; so overenthusiastic everyone can tell you're faking


a one sided lengthy conversation where the other person does give you a chance to speak and goes on and on.


A book that is fantasy and when you read it it is fantastic.


: “Trumpuppence” (nicely and coincendentally? formed by adding Trump and Pence together) definition: What the American people will get if/when they vote in a Republican government. Taken from the word “comeuppance” definition: deserved reward or deserts, usually unpleasant.


That is the most Hillaryous word I have ever heard of, get it? Hillary-ous as in related to Hillary Clinton


Goobinstink: no idea where this came from. I had a dream and this word was in it. Thought maybe someone might recognize it from a movie or something let me know. Thanks

Fiction definition

Fiction is a real word and it means fantasy or not real. If you read a book about unicorns or santa, it would be a fiction book.


Tramp-i-fied. When one dresses scuffyilly. Like a Tramp.


The mental condition one suffers when referring to someone's lack of making a decision, having to be constantly nudged to decide whatever.

Sentenceexample: You are making me nudgenuts because I keep having to nudge you to to make a decision on where we are going to eat tonight.



The fear of looking at or eating SweetCorn.


"I have Steracorntobia, I can't eat sweet corn.. I just can't."

"I had a dream last night about me having Steracorntobia, the sweetcorn stabbed me with a knife and another one shot me. I woke up right after I died!


An imaginary creature with a human body and a bird wings at the back.



A god which is a happy/non-evil god!

"Why won't a Lightgod help me now?"


coolest car in the world


A leveling system on how much a soccer player flops per game
Ex.- Jared flopped 7 times this game! His flopsicasity is on point folks!


The capital of Houston, TX.


To express sarcastic excitement
Ex.- "Dude,I'm so hyped for the game tonight!"
Other friend- "Wop"

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