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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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Installate: (n.) To install.


to be like me

why do u think your savage

why do u think your savage cause you are not nobody is any way


NO Im the savage


Honestly, its me!


no me


ok then


Take some responsibility! At least try to keep your name as savage!

no no no I am the true savage

no no no I am the true savage


Little do you know, but I am the savage one here

You don’t WANT to be savage!

You actually would be better off living a perfectly sane life. Also, that would NOT be good for the world if you were. Seriously, why are so many people obsessed with being SAVAGE?!!?!?!


To be confused
"That math lesson left me conffufled"

Accompanated means the same

Accompanated means the same thing as accompanied


The opposite of obliterate


A red mark above your lip


A Plastorm is a type of spatial disturbance that involves energetic particles in a state called plasma. Plastorms were commonly found in places such as the Badlands. It is plasma fused with a storm

dust balls

woofies as in it's full of woofies under the bed.


used to describe something being in equilibrium.
"That bridge is very equilibrius."


Used when somebody is being nonsensical,
e.g. "I won America's Got Talent!"


One way of saying LOL XD


Neek= Someone who is a nerd and a geek.


This is an urban slang word in the UK. Definition is about the same as yours


I just had a trypo when i was saying sup so u use this if your a crazy person who loves made up wrds lol idk xDDD~Vidalinda Espaillat

That person was right

You’re probably a painful person to be around

That comment

That comment was painful to read.


yeah man

is really Yaman


An Epic Fail

Boo Weep

A huge idiot. Often combined with other derogatory terms.

ex. "You stupid boo weep!"


A very cute butterfly, or a very cute way of saying butterfly

Eg.: Oh my god! Guys, look it's a flutterby. OR Mommy look! It's a flutterby!

Flutterby is a word.

The original name was Flutterby. It was commonly mistaken as Butterfly, so they just change the name to lesser confusion.

Flutterby is the original old

Flutterby is the original old English word for butterfly, which really makes more sense than the modern butterfly.


Very hungry(literally hundred a hungry)
Pigeonlyness-noun of something being pigeony
Pigeony-adj, being like a pigeon


Using somebody else's words of sentiment because you are to lame to think of your own.

To Hundrahungry and resentimizer;

Oh Snap! That was a true burn!


too* too lame to learn correct grammar, ey?


The fear of getting shat on by a pigeon.

'peristeri' - pigeon
'kopadi' - poop

Actually, kopadi means a kit

Actually, kopadi means a kit of pigeons.
Koutsoulia means bird poop.


noun: trainst; plural noun: trainsts

(n) A spot or stain; a trace

e.g. She entered the room and there was not a trainst of dirt in sight.



Having way too many kills and raging

"I DID GO PLEXEN" "You did go plexen" "YOU DID PLEXEN"

Fus {fooce}

[NOUN] A strong force, compared to that of a category 8 hurricane. [VERB] You are pushing someone with immense force.


If someone was causing damage.
Eg. That fire was making Tammlo.


The name for a man who chooses to wear no belt so all of us can see his underpants.

Das Trevor

just playing roblox all the time

I play roblox too

i play roblox, animal jam, and


They're Bullies and Wannabe Tough Guys. All bark but no bite.

Made up words


Any number of Miscellaneous Objects that are sharing the same space, box, or drawer. Similar examples would be Odds n' Ends, Thingamabobs, or any other WhatzIts.
Example: "I keep them in a shoe box in the garage with my other gunderkroogitz."
Say it with a German accent for best effect.


Speeding up, Accelerating.
"Look! That car is fiziling!"

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