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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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because everything would be better in ball form


Loser backwords♡


when something or someone is awkward, strange, and uncomftroble all at once. great to use during an awkward silence or when any uncomftorble situation comes up.


a spoon and a fork

Aka - Spork

Aka - Spork


Exploding with joy


when you're so confused you can't even say confused right


means the study of rap


does anyone know what cawabunga means

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

I dont like it

I dont like it


To eat

exmaple: "I am guging this pizza!" or "Lets gug some sandwiches


Being skilled with wielding a fork.


to leave without telling someone
e.g. "he just kurned"
or when someone leaves without telling you
e.g. "he's a kurn"


when you eat a lot of corn: your breath smells corney


When something is funny, but just a little bit more funny.

“Blended is WAY funnier than Grown Ups 1.


When a sumer wrestler meets his physician about abbs


A punch or a series of punches. As in "If don't move out of my seat I am going to give you some Buddum-Bade!!


If someone is throwing peaches at you, then you are besquelched. Also works with strawberries. It usually isn't very pleasant.


Able to sleep in the air. :P


does that mean sleeping on a plane or something?


been thinking about fun and creative new word expressing adventurousness, joyfulness, happiness and excitement about doing something new and awesome :) would really appreciate your help. THANXXXXXX!

New Slang Word

Doof Should be a word on it's own because Doofus does not always sound as good in some situations as just straight up Doof.


no definition required.

seriously funny

seriously funny

that's not made up

that's not made up



You coughed!

Bless me!


When your Bombarded with to many things to do and......I honestly dont know what else to say someone explain it for me Please! Im too stupid to even know what my new made up word means!!! xD


too lazy and boring


mean water but in a new word


A centipede under water


Philosophy dreams to be a serious topic, but not everyone takes every topic seriously, so does that topic cease to exist for a comedian, no! He can be a sillyosopher! He gets sillysophical when he talks about his brighter version of theory! Every subject out there has a history and its learned through peoples experience and taught as a value so I invented at a festival in Australia called Confest, the osophy approach to determining how to categorise the version of philosophy one might be detailing. My name is Andrew peter woodhall of Victoria Australia and I love the English language though I believe that w have alot of evolution in our language capacity before we truly understand even our own inner experiences, until I learn to blog, will entertain a few ideas on this site, I hope that this word alone helps you yourself see that your explanation of your life individually counts and it will be a interesting osophy of value to people you never even knew for as long as language exists


an adjective describing a mean teacher when they rant

Fluxtuation, Savilesque, Flob

Fluxtuation = Fluctuation of purple energy
(A large purple fluxtuation exploded out of the plasma cannon)

Savilesque = A savilesque person is somebody who is considered to be a "wrong'un"
(I always considered Charlie to be rather a savilesque person)

Flob = A general insult that one can use in almost any circumstance
(Oh my god, your such a flob!)



3 awesometastic words

unicorny = being extra corny

bam what!?! = practically a word for everything

thankyou muchly = when you cant be bothered to say "thankyou very much"


Toast + Mackerel = Toastckerel
Say it when you're shocked instead of saying HOLY MACKEREL.


Just so exhausted that you can't think straight and you could just pass out at any given moment



When something didnt just explode, but it exploded in the coolest or most awesome way possible.

"Jimmy that truck just seriously explodefied!!"

Really though, just add a -ify -icate or -ificate to any verb to make it 100x cooler immediately.


It's fantastic and magical... Nuff' said.


definition: absolutely hammered: drunk... really really drunk

you must be an awesome person :D

This is from parent trap isn't it?? :D :D

Tots my goats

tots my goats:)



be yourself

Don't try to be someone else.. just be yourself and be confidence about you are doing..

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