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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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That is the most Hillaryous word I have ever heard of, get it? Hillary-ous as in related to Hillary Clinton


Goobinstink: no idea where this came from. I had a dream and this word was in it. Thought maybe someone might recognize it from a movie or something let me know. Thanks

Fiction definition

Fiction is a real word and it means fantasy or not real. If you read a book about unicorns or santa, it would be a fiction book.

Fiction is a story or tale

Fiction is a story or tale that didn't actually happen but it could have. Fiction is different from fantasy in that it has to remain within the perimeters of reality.


He wasn't talking about the word ''fiction'


Tramp-i-fied. When one dresses scuffyilly. Like a Tramp.


The mental condition one suffers when referring to someone's lack of making a decision, having to be constantly nudged to decide whatever.

Sentenceexample: You are making me nudgenuts because I keep having to nudge you to to make a decision on where we are going to eat tonight.



The fear of looking at or eating SweetCorn.


"I have Steracorntobia, I can't eat sweet corn.. I just can't."

"I had a dream last night about me having Steracorntobia, the sweetcorn stabbed me with a knife and another one shot me. I woke up right after I died!


An imaginary creature with a human body and a bird wings at the back.



A god which is a happy/non-evil god!

"Why won't a Lightgod help me now?"


coolest car in the world


A leveling system on how much a soccer player flops per game
Ex.- Jared flopped 7 times this game! His flopsicasity is on point folks!


The capital of Houston, TX.


To express sarcastic excitement
Ex.- "Dude,I'm so hyped for the game tonight!"
Other friend- "Wop"


Particularly annoying.
Ex.- Dude, quit being krank, knock it off!




1) To understand a made up word or phrase
2) To make a made up word or phrase


when the Catholic church grants an annulment to a marriage, the sacrament of matrimony, and the two are no longer married but just become a couple of fornicators. The marriage never existed but the unholy sacrament of mattressmony did.



a term for the potential or

a term for the potential or hypothetical departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


Sick how did you make it

"I love Emilia"

Another way of throwing someone into the friendzone


Nice reference.

T R I G G E R E D (Not really)

What the heck, dude?

Oh no

Is this from what I think its from


Lol yuppppp


A substance that is whatever you want it to be

ayyy lmao

a spicy meme

Clumsical a)That poor fellow

a)That poor fellow has two left feet, he's Clumsical.
b) I outright refuse to dance with that Clumsical bint.

*Credit to Kraze.


that just whimsical ayy lmao


The idea of of understanding for oneself and realizing that others realizations may be different yet still justified

Words that I have invented

Words that I have invented are Tikatakatorry which is a far-off marketplace.
Porokonarian is a lover of rare potions. (That was the intention when I made it up)
Tamarakkian is the name of a castle inhabited by an ageless wizard in the digital wilderness.
Cranjestigated is someone who heavily invests too many cranberries.

You're lucky I have a strange mind. I have made up far too many words that I wish could be in a dictionary.


A pillow fort

Haha I put this name in on

Haha I put this name in on Xbox and it works but I used 1 l instead of 2

peddleputz -- the pawnese word that stuck

Peddleputz - is the notion that you are putting on a show and appear to be moving in high gear (peddling), when in reality you are just (putzing) around. You then are a peddleputz (or a peddleputzer) -- depends on the mood. Or you are peddleputzing. Or, going back to a more literal meaning (from the origin of the word), you litterally have peddleputz! (feet that peddle and putz at the same time.
Origin of peddleputz: doggy and kitty paws (they peddled and putzed depending on their moods). Then the word was applied to human feet. We humans have the same moods -- getting into high motion or putzing around to relax or to procrastinate. Finally, the word was applied to the fakery of making yourself look busy scrambling around, but doing nothing, just to keep people from bugging you, giving you work, or asking anything of you. If I notice that you are doing that, I will call you out as a peddleputz -- not a good thing.

of course

Pillort has just been added to pawnese. Derived from one of that my nicknames, pawnese is the word that my husband made up for the language he says that I made up, just bc I toss out random made up words that really should exist.


Synonym for confused


YOU MURDERER you killed my word I created it in 1971 X X Misa hate you

Love this word

Love this word


A round house or karate chop that is so slow and weak, the victim can catch your foot/hand before you make contact.
"I'm a woopichaw your ass"


the woopichaw is just so amazing


High in the misty mountains of Tmoor, a huge stone castle sat on the grassy hill-side.
Tmoor- mystical land


When you can't think of what to name yourself in pocket frogs,you type Checknshushsegush to avoid having to make one



nonstandard spelling of

nonstandard spelling of horse, used to represent dialect or informal speech.
Ex- My hoss throwed me off at the creek.


the tempataion to pop bubbles


Tempbubblepopsation is a really cool word


to remember in bits and pieces
combination of increment and remember

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