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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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You love Fanta and you think it is fabulous.
e.g: "This is fantabulous!"

More like Fatastic and

More like Fatastic and Fabulous


A pony with a horn made out of corn and its poo is rainbow corn (^3^)


A word that describes a sensation that is sad but also sweet. The mother was swady watching her child go to college.


Yithijeem- noun – yee-thee-geem

The thread that comes undone from a shirt.

“Cut that yithijeem off before someone notices you got it at the goodwill”


a nerd who is obsessed with words


This is actually pronounced "words", and no one will no you are saying a different word! :(


tow toe .... fly fly .... bat bat bat .... words werds .... stand stand .... there their they're .... bark bark .... shall i go on with words that sound the same for you werds?


it's actually spelled "know" ; No one will know what your trying to say if you write the word "no" ! :) $$$ bills ya'll

Touche`! Douche`

Touche`! Douche`


Codiflux: Soft, stringy and wispy


Gibulate: pronounced with a "J " for the first letter... To incessantly flick a smaller part of something hanging from or off the side of a larger object as it remains attached and refuses to separate from its larger counterpart. " Larry spent the better part of the afternoon gibulating the claspers of the shark he had caught earlier that day with ignorant disregard that he would spend the remainder of the evening doing much the same to himself."


funny sharks are boss

Fail that's already a word

Fail that's already a word

To fail or not to fail, that is the homophone.

This isn't a fail if funny means ruling in this context. The ruling or funny shark is the boss. ;)


Phernalia: A single item which needs another item to complete an which point you will have both items you need.......................... Your pair of Phernalia!

ice cream

I was not saw what to do so i picked ice cream

Sounds like

ice cream is gonna happen a lot to you


Chaboi: A friend who would like you to contact them sometime in the near future. ( Hollat Chaboi )

Doesn't make sense.

It is said "Holla at ya boy"

Where's the "ch" sound ? ain't West Coast ! Taint nothin' but Chicken Toast !


Failaphobia- The fear of failing task and/or activities.


Tian leong


Cullacario: ( Spanish / Italian ) A small alcove or an area in the home with the best acoustics set aside for playing musical instruments, singing, and/or recording sessions.


Orblicise: to change the shape of something into more of a sphere while also tapering or rubbing off certain original parts so that the object can fit into a smaller space.


Scrabibliate: to create a new word or phrase; to meld known words together to assume a new meaning.


Aka pizza boobs


lmaooooooooooo (I dont get it tho)

it means

laugh my ass off


A battle cry.


A hyperactive state of behavior, occurs more frequently the more sugar someone ingests.


Frenuptulate: to frantically babble non understandable words while trying to point out that something is about to happen.

That's what

......Scooby Doo does !!!


Splork: to snap out of or pop through something that has been holding you back while trying to get from one area to another. " the bounce house deflated, completely consuming James Moore; Only the quick thinking of Alison Rogers saved him as she jumped at the proper angle allowing him to splork onto the grass like a newborn calf!


Half orca half unicorn. Mostly only seen at the end of rainbows that find their ending in open waters.

A narwal

its called a narwal


another word for caterpillar.

Ths is actually...

a caterpillar with poisonous barbs designed to protect him from bothersome toddlers.


killlerpiller sounds like an armored caterpillar going towar to kill people...


No it's not.


A successfully executed MLG trickshot


I just made the word up from limbo

So does it mean...

to fall like timber while trying to do the back bend under a limbo bar?


A quiet wow.




not a made up word


Someone who only eats meat.

someone that only eats

someone that only eats carnitas

Shouldn't that be...

someone who only eats carnations?

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