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This page was created so people can share their own made up words. If you would like to share your cool or funny made up words please put it in the comments section below.

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Yea boy!

This is a fine piece of work! This should be added to the Thesaurus as a synonym for semordnilap .....which is itself a prostapise for palindromes....I just blew my own mind.

Tahret-kinda like a laugh or

Tahret-kinda like a laugh or to show that something funny happened


Someone who is completely ignorant of your obviously superior logic


It is an animal I made in maths class
Half zebra
Quarter kangaroo
Quarter rooster


Looks like you might want to skip Maths class and concentrate on Englishes!

To the person who wrote "Whoa"

Would you like to come and clean the hot cocoa off my computer screen?

Thanks yous

fors gettings its!


A bit chubby and pudgee

love the word, but what is

love the word, but what is the difference between chubby and pudgee (I spell pudgy)? :)


Means someone who does not have any knowledge of cats and cannot calm people down while him/her is slapping him/her


it means to attract the paparazzi only because you wear weird shoes


Embeezon : The act of " locking up " a Bee, usually a surly fly-around, perhaps at a picnic under a Dixie cup. Beware of false Embeezonry, where the little booger can crawl out of the bottom through the slats of a picnic table...they will do so with grand fervor and glorious aplomb.


you say this when you want someone to be blown up by a nuclear bomb :)

I shall use this all the time

I'm just gonna walk up to random ppl and be like fraloof!!!!!!!!


The fear af being told fraloof ( ;

Im gonna use that

Im gonna use that

Fibbers Dribblet

Fibbers Dribblet : when dispensing a diet cola or citrus beverage from the fountain machine you sublimate the flavor by adding just a small percentage of a normal "high sugar content" soda to enhance the overall quality so that it becomes closer to the level that you feel you've come to deserve; Many times referring to the addition of a completely different flavor such as cherry, orange, or grape to enhance your beverage past the point of the stale "dieters choice" with which you're stricken.

Brave Women

Shero to define brave women


Respunkoordiniert is a word that means to stare, but not stare. Your sight is out of focus, and normally don't think about much. It was first used in 1861 by a German college student, Manfred Frauscher. He unknowingly amalgamated the Latin word, "Respice," or, "look," and his own countries word," Unkoordiniert," which means unfocused. He said this newfound word to his Latin teacher, and she said that it could be a real word. He ended up getting it in the dictionary. Combined with the fact people didn't like the word, his fame was what earned Manfred Frauscher an untimely demise. He was drugged, kidnapped, and tortured by a serial killer. He was eventually slaughtered. After an autopsy, it was found that Frausher bled out form 137 shallow and thin slices to the jugular, wrist, and various parts of his body, such as the eyes, ears, toes, and tongue. After further examining, it was revealed that the cuts were delivered by a page from a dictionary. The suspect was never found. It was also discovered that there was a small but fresh tattoo on the back of his left heel. It was simple; "Uminagani." Uminagani is an unfamiliar yet existing word that is used to describe happiness. It was invented by the stupidity that is Matthew.


Tricked and your mad about it


Describes a squeaker who can be funny but sometimes annoying.

weeABoos wobble

but they don't fall down!

Zane Herr

I love That Name Really Cool

Weeaboos arent squeekers.

Weeaboos are anime obsessed people.
Get it right

You're also wrong.

Weeaboos are people who are obsessed with Japan or Japanese culture, not just anime.

so what they creative

So what if it's wrong he or she was being creative don't hate

He's right

I wish everyone would just stop arguing who's right, a word can have different meanings you know!


pronounced(tantruhmatick) meaning a way of life,a way that has sketched the mind.Just say,im a teantromatic the only robot that cries


Uminagani is a universal word used to describe one's emotions. Normally used with a certain tone in one's voice, the word is helpful in foreign countries. Uminagani can also be used to describe a great amount of elation. In this usage, one usually sings the word to fit their description of happiness.


Pronunciation: Pa-doodle-oo-dle. Means something is so adorable that you want to die. Or hang it on your wall so you can admire it every day!


Russian fajitas Ꮤ

Waahtractent adj. a state of

Waahtractent adj.
a state of being shocking or mesmerizing


A brass instrument that goes oom-pah-pahh!


One of the most projagnant words in the English language. "Insacious" is used to describe the feeling you get when you know you're about to set it off, when you know it's about to go down, and when everything you represent at that current moment in time is on fleek.

Another example:

Report card day in school


Unsuccessful, not victorious
Latin- non+superare- not+to exeed


The feeling one with OCD or an obsessive habit feels when they see something "wrong" and repress the urge to fix it.


meaning the absence to any extent of any thing, in any context.


Beyond fantastic

my bestie made that word up!

my bestie made that word up!


Cranky and angry


An expression when you throw something on the ground, or have something pop up quickly.

"The man shouted shalabomska as he threw a glass bottle on the ground for New Years."


Means something was totally cool and you should of been there.

Funkdified has a 2nd meaning

It is what happens to your lungs when you breath in toxic fumes.

For example, After washing the team's sweaty uniforms, she was utterly funktified.


Pronounced (Dog-er-Og-er-if-ick)
Meaning: A dog who is extremely cute, yet absolutely terrific.



Someone who is extremely annoying


Observing judgementally.


a cow with a mustache a Moo-Stache

means gir



The act of putting on socks.

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