The Top 12 Slang Words of the 60’s

The 60’s brought with it bellbottom pants, The Beatles, the “sit-in” movement and the festival of all festival’s… Woodstock. In a decade of peace, love and understanding, the 60’s had some slang words and terms that are still used to this day.

1. Ankle Biter – This 60’s slang term was used to describe a young child referring to not only their short stature, but their desire to sometimes bite the ankles of adults. I.e. “Toddlers are notorious ankle biters.”

2. Drag – Used to express disappointment in someone of something. “That night was such a drag.”

3. Cruising – This slang was used to describe a pass time of teenagers in the 60’s to cruise up and down a singular street in their car to find car races, girls, guys or other forms of entertainment. I.e. “Jenny and I went cruising with the boys last Friday night.”

4. Gimme Some Skin – This 60’s slang term was used to ask to shake hands in hello, goodbye or as a way of arranging a deal. I.e. “Hey man, how’s it going… gimme some skin.”

5. Hang Loose – A term used to describe relaxing, taking it easy, etc. I.e. “I decided to just hang loose today instead of going out on the town.”

6. Jam/Let’s Jam – This 60’s term was used in two different ways: 1) to describe a group of musicians playing music together or 2) to describe leaving a place very quickly. I.e. 1) “I was jamming with The Beatles in the music studio today.” 2) “That’s the cops, let’s jam!”

7. Keen – Used to describe being excited about something or to describe a person who is great, awesome, etc. I.e. “That Lucy was pretty keen, wasn’t she?”

8. Outta Sight – This slang term was used when someone wanted to express amazement, excitement, etc. I.e. “This new car is outta sight, man!”

9. Primo – The 60’s slang word was used when someone wanted to say that something or someone was the best, awesome, first class, high quality, etc. I.e. “That new song from the Beach Boys was primo!”

10. Going Steady – As a slang term, this was used to describe two people who were dating exclusively. I.e. “Mary and Johnny are going steady.”

11. Lay It On Me – This slang term from the 60’s was used to ask someone to tell them something or to speak their peace. I.e. “I know you want to talk to me, so lay it on me.”

12. Split – This 60’s slang word was used to leave the scene or area, to cut out, etc. I.e. “As soon as they heard the cops coming they split.”




slang from the 60"s

Don't lose your cool, cool your jets, Righteous! (as in cool)

the top

groovey chic, but I had to boogie, bunner

Go-Go Boots

Cheap, shiny, white, knee-high boots to go with your bright orange mini-skirt.

Flower Power

Big, bright flower decals on a Volkswagon Bus!

Cherry It Out!

Customize your Ride

Well dig

Well dig, I was 10 years old in 1968. Ten years later I had a 1969 Green Dodge Charger. That car would pass anything except a gas station. Its a downer that I don't have that car anymore.


loved reading your comment "That car would pass anything except a gas station."

Great memories reading some of the terms

I think you forgot, "Fuzz" was used for cops, "Drop a Dime" was for pay phones they cost. 10 cents back then




let's get down and nookie

what crazy person!!!!!!!

what crazy person!!!!!!!



I loved the sixties

I was born in 1958 so I grew up in the sixties It was an awesome era

The candy shops were Far-Out and the teachers were such Drags Man. But the boys were totally Outta sight

Sixties Surfer

Bitchin'. As in, "The surf was bitchin'."

60's slang

I was a teenager in the late sixties. Absolute BEST era to experience.
"Can you dig it?" "Bummer" if you don't.

I was in grade school , I

I was in grade school , I reach , the drag was only 5 channels 2 watch and a bedtime b4 10

Far Out!

Far out man!


For someone to leave we would say they tipped. From tipped their hat. Or if you wanted to leave you would say I'm going to get my hat or just get hat. If someone was no longer at the scene we would say they "Booked"

I think 'booked'came much

I think 'booked'came much later - not in the 60's


I was a teenager in the early mid 70’s and we used “book” all the time and assumed it was a late 60’s term. It faded out by 75-76

The 60's...

What a groovy era! I just love the free style, the liberation, and the message of make love not war that was so heavy among the nation at this time.

|The 60's

My sister in law is having a 1960's Birthday party and I was doing some research on this era. I am amazed to see all the different genre of this era. There were do many different styles! I must say the more I researched this blast from the past the more interested I became. This was truly a GROOVY time of our history thanks to London.


I remember in the cute Disney movie "Teen Beach Movie" they used lots of these terms. ;] No wonder!

Out of this world!

That's boss...

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