The Top 15 Slang Words for the 50’s

In the 1950’s Sputnik (the first satellite) was launched into outer space, poodle skirts were hip, you could get gas for a measly 20 cents a gallon and longtime TV series favorite, Lassie was gracing the boob tube. Slang was the free expression of a rebellious youth and some of the terms were truly inspired.

1. Made in the Shade – This 1950’s slang term was used to describe something or someone that was guaranteed to be or is a success. I.e. “Did you hear that Danny got into Yale? He’s got is made in the shade, man.”

2. Peepers – A slang word used to describe glasses in the 1950’s. I.e. “Hey, take a look at that nerd with those massive peepers on his face!”

3. Split – This 50’s slang word was used in reference to leaving a place, often very quickly. I.e. “I’m bored, let’s split!”

4. Threads – This is a descriptive slang word used in reference to a person’s clothing. I.e. “Those are some cool threads you’ve got on, man.”

5. Burn Rubber – The 50’s slang term was used when talking about accelerating a car hard and fast, often used in relation to “hot rodders” of the time. I.e “Let’s burn rubber and show them what this hot rod can really do!”

6. Hot Rod – Used to as a descriptive term for typically American made muscle cars that were modified with large engines for linear speed with usually a very flashy exterior. I.e. “Did you see that new hot rod, Johnny brought to the dance? It was unreal!”

7. Get Bent! – This 1950’s slang term was used when someone wanted to tell someone off or to go away. I.e. “Johnny, get bent! I’m over you!”

8. No Sweat – Slang term used to explain that something was no problem or easy. I.e. “I fixed that leaky faucet for you, it was no sweat.”

9. Nosebleed – The 50’s slang word was used to address or reference someone in a disparaging way, usually a nerd, geek, etc. “Hey nosebleed, watch where you’re going next time, huh?”

10. Pad – Used to reference a person’s home. I.e. “This is a nice pad you’ve got here, Johnny.”

11. Righto – This slang word was used when someone wanted to agreed with another person. I.e. “You want to take out the trash? Righto, mom.”

12. Greaser – Originally used to describe a guy with tons of hair product in his hair, but within a few years it was used to describe a certain group of 1950’s youth. I.e. “John Travolta in Grease was the ultimate greaser, don’t you think?”

13. Heat – The 50’s slang word was used to describe police, usually by the younger crowd or the less savory subset of society. I.e. “I think that’s the heat, man, let’s split!”

14. Kook/Kookie – This was a slang word used to describe someone who was odd, weird, nuts, crazy, etc. I.e. “Did you see that guy wearing the tin foil hat, he’s such as kook!”

15. Ankle-biter – This term was used to describe a young child who was often found crawling around on the floor at around ankle height. I.e. “That little ankle-biter of yours is really cute.”


Who gives a damn about the

Who gives a damn about the damn 50s ..the decade is over ; why talk about it ?


Need it for the Decades project

Not fifties

Most of these weren't around yet in the fifties.


Thanks, this was helpful for an annoying school project :^]







Need a word

Need a fifties version of the modern "Dude". You know, Dude, that's not cool!

word for dude or bro

cat, clyde, cube (normal person-as in square)

This was really helpful for

This was really helpful for my cronus rp


I'm using this for my Porrim X Cronus Roleplay

I'm dead lol.

I'm dead lol.

50's slang daddy-o...I'm hip to the jive...livin' in squares-ville wasn't so bad!


how about the word "Swell"? it was used more than alot of the words above


How about... I paid to much : he soaked me
Real bad one but excepted back then : I jewed him down so I got it cheaper.
Pretty Girl : What a dish
Knucklehead : self explained
Real square


Needed it for my project (:

thanks needed this for a school project

some modern ones are bruh or yo



A big help...thanks for this

A big help...thanks for this information.

no problem broski

no problem broski



some of the words where weird

some of the words where weird but this information was really helpful

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