The Top 15 Slang Words of the 70’s

In the 70’s disco was hot, lava lamps were the latest “cool” invention and Charlie’s Angels was a hit new TV show. The decade brought on some interesting times as the Vietnam War was waged overseas… so what slang words was that generation using?

1. Psyche! – This 70’s slang word was used when tricking someone. I.e. “I told the joke and she thought it was real, it really psyched her out.”

2. Far Out! – Used when the person wanted to show that something was cool, awesome, unbelievable, etc. I.e. “Did you see that new movie? It was far out!”

3. Dream On – This slang term was used to show someone that they were being unrealistic. I.e. “He asked me out like he thought he really had a chance, I told him to dream on.”

4. Book/Booking – Used to talk about moving fast, being speedy, etc. I.e. “I saw the principal booking it down the hall towards the fight this morning.”

5. Catch You on the Flip-side – The 70’s slang term was used to say goodbye, see you later, etc. I.e. “I’m going to go home, catch you on the flip-side, John.”

6. Boogie – This slang word was used as a description for dancing, having fun, etc. I.e. “We went to the new disco club and boogied all night long.”

7. Right On! – Used to show agreement with something or someone in the extreme. I.e. “You’re got into college, right on!”

8. Brick House – A term used to describe someone who is physically built well with an attractive body. I.e. “She’s got a body like a brick house!”

9. Can You Dig It? – A 70’s slang term used to see if someone agreed with you or they understand you. I.e. “We’re going to go to the beach, can you dig it man?”

10. Cat – Used to describe someone who was cool, great, awesome, etc. I.e. “I met your boyfriend today, he’s a real cool cat.”

11. Chump – This 70’s slang was used to describe someone who was a loser, an idiot, a fool, etc. I.e. “Did you see what he was wearing? The chump!”

12. Cool Beans – Used to show agreement with or to reply in the positive. I.e. “You want to head out, cool beans.”

13. Do Me a Solid – The slang term was used to ask a favor of someone. I.e. “Will you do me a solid and not tell mom I’m going out?”

14. Groovy – This 70’s slang word was used to describe someone or something as cool, neat, great, etc. I.e. “That girl is really groovy!”

15. What a Fry – Used to describe something or someone that blows your mind, that is weird or crazy. I.e. “Did you see Toby walking down the road all spaced out, what a fry man!”




im a cow

im a cow


I remember using "fox" for a cute guy. "He's such a fox!" "He's a real fox!" (laughs)

Cool words

Girls were Fox, foxes, foxy and if not pretty they were dogs
Guys were hunks


50's, early 60's -- Definitely not 70's

kat, depends what region you

kat, depends what region you live in. We were using it back in 60/70 in western MI

Thanks for the help!!!!

thanks for making this website i used it for my language arts project(we had to choose a time and write a mystery) anyways you guys are really groovy!!!!!!!

Foxy ( attractive female or

Foxy ( attractive female or male)
Hot to Trot (looking for a hook up)
Right on (agreement or approval)
Get down (boogie or make love)

forgot "right on"

Used To Show Approval Or Agreement. Very,Very Popular Phrase.

using it for my project

wow thanks guys, this page is super helpful, i am using it for my history priject about the 70s lifestyle :) This is far out, man!


Haha we have to use it for our history project on the 1970s lifestyle too, what a coincidence!

new slang

hi and you fillies are something out of this bean plant

Wow! That was awesome! Now I

Wow! That was awesome! Now I get to understand the real meaning of some of the terms that I hear from my dad! I showed this site to him and he was really glad that someone had made a log of all these words.



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