The Top 15 Slangs Terms of the 80’s

The 80’s was filled with bright colors, leg warmers, soft rock and a surfer mentality, making it a decade that embraced the fun in life without any of the hassle. The 80’s generation used slang terms and words that today probably sound truly odd, but isn’t that always how it is?

1. Gnarly – A surfer reference that was used as a way to show that something was cool. I.e. “That was totally gnarly, dude!”

2. Dude/Dudette – Gender specific noun’s used in place of a person’s name. I.e. “Dude, that was awesome!”

3. Like Totally – Used as a way to express extreme agreement with someone or something. I.e. “I think he was really in to you, like totally!”

4. Tubular – Another surfer reference, this slang word was used as a way to express excitement in something or someone. I.e. “Man, that was tubular!”

5. What’s Your Damage? – This 80’s slang term was used to express annoyance, anger, shock, etc. I.e. “What was that about, man? What’s your damage?”

6. Choice – A slang word used to describe something or someone that is awesome, amazing, cool, etc. I.e. “My new car is totally choice, man!”

7. Burn/Burned – As an 80’s slang word, this was used when someone or some trivial thing was proved wrong. I.e. “Man, you got burned!”

8. Grody – Used as a way to show disgust in something or someone. I.e. “The new tuna surprise lunch special is grody!”

9. Rad – This 80’s slang word was used to say that something or someone was cool, awesome, great, neat, etc. I.e. “Did you see that car flip, it was rad!”

10. Bogus – Used as a way to show disbelief or that something or someone was wrong, unbelievable, etc. I.e. “What he told me was totally bogus!”

11. Gag Me with a Spoon – The 80’s slang term was used to show disgust or extreme dislike. I.e. “That old guy just asked me out on a date... no! Gag me with a spoon!”

12. Wiggin’/Wiggin’ Out – Used to show that something or someone was crazy, weird, losing it, etc. I.e. “That new French teacher is totally wiggin’ out in the classroom.”

13. To the Max – This slang term was used to show something or someone was extremely awesome or cool. I.e. “That new movie was to the max!”

14. Eat My Shorts – Made famous by the loveable bad boy Bart Simpson in the TV show The Simpsons, this slang term was used as a funny comeback. I.e. “Yeah well, eat my shorts, man!”

15. Fresh – The 80’s slang word was used when something was cool, awesome, etc. “Did you see the new Saved By the Bell episode? It was fresh!”


Ah, the 80s...

I wasn't alive, but still. growing up in the late 90s was a fun time. Lots of the dialect was very similar.


Why is everyone so hateful of the 80's I have to do a school thing where we are making an 80's cafe and we have to recite a poem and wear 80's clothes! It's so much fun, except for the poems.


That's awesome! I love the 80s!

SIKE (PSYCHE) fooled ya!

That Ice cream was grody to the max! SIKE! Don't forget this one! It was used every day lol.




i am totally deceased young son. hehe XD

tottali toobulur

*cue stranger things theme*

No one remembers Dweezil

I suspect this list was cribbed from a single Frank Zappa song.
This is almost entirely valley girl slang. While Valley Girl admittedly did leak into common slang, it was mostly used ironically

All in one sentence

That dude was like, totally gnarly, he had a choice, fresh, rad, bogus, thing, and he was so turbular! But the dudette, gag me with a spoon! She was grody, like, what's your damage,dudette! And there was another guy, who said, "eat my shorts!" And another guy was like, burned, and it was wiggin' to the max.
Im not from the 80s, but I tried.


Totally Radical


is not dope

a few I remember

He is a stone fox
that is so lame
I use to say that
and I am so stoked
and I never heard anyone say that is choice

barf me out

barf me out

NOt from the 80s

I'm not from the 80s (WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN!) but I love everything 80s. I loved the music especially Billy Joel :D



Missing the 80's

Oh i miss the 80's the Breakfast club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in pink, Farris Beuller's day off! Weird Science! Great teen movies. The music, the slang words... feathered hair and blue and white striped button downs. Oh and thise suad like high top shoes, what were they called?. Cabel television was new. I remember when we first got HBO. Ronald Reagan saying, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." And the USSR started to crumble!race relations wern't as bad as they are now,for that little pocket of time, we thought we were going to be the generation that ended racial strife. Now its worse than ever.

I miss it too

I have never been in the 80s but it seems awesome because i have it as a school project i love it!

More 80's slang.

Mint... That's Lush....


idk 90s but know 80s

Somehow, I doubt that they were created in the 1980s.

It seems that they were invented the 1970s.


They were probably more popularised during the 1980s. Also, terms like radical have gone through evolution. (The word groovy turned into groove during that decade span as well, so it could be an evolution in the slang).

The Breakfast club

Eat my shorts
When I saw this phrase I first thought of Bender not Bart .


bender says "bite my shiny metal ass", not "eat my shorts"

Definitely! Bender was

Definitely! Bender was totally relevant! Bart was just dismal.

Why Bender

Why Bender

What a stupid decade! I was

What a stupid decade! I was 16 when the 80's started and 26 at theend so I had to live through those years. It was a waste of ten years and the most socialy and culturally vapid time ever.


At least people growing up in the 80s, the ones I knew of fa shizzle, can spell properly!
Btw. Socially* And of course, the decade itself wasn't a waste, as you stated. The WASTE would be what you did with your existence during that period of time! Hmm. Old habits die hard? You can do it though, never give up. Pffff

No, it wasn't!

Not all of that decade was stupid. When I went through it (especially since I was born in it), I didn't notice a lot of that stuff you typed. Insread, I had mostly good life back then.

Even more than the 2010's?

Even more than the 2010's?

I loved the 80's. Were you

I loved the 80's. Were you picked on in school?

big time!

i was wiggin out big time, it was ace!


though it used to be gender-specific, "dude" is now commonly used in a gender-neutral way, sometimes preceded by the word "my"
"nice work, my dude"


no it's not

I'm so sure.

How could you forget that saying?

The 1980's cool comments

The funniest words ever especially '' Gag me with a spoon '' and '' Eat my shorts '' So a really good website and I would recommend it to anybody who LOVES the 1980's.


Are you kidding me? These words are way more fun to say than "lit, dope, swag, Yolo, bae" like wtf do this even mean? God damn this generation sucks so much ass I wish I could have been blessed enough to be born in the 80s but I wasn't. So fuck off

100 percent

Agree. Just because they didn't grow up 80s doesn't mean anyone has a right to be such a douchbag.

80'S tho

I wasn't raised in the 80's but I love it I was born in 2001 but my brother was born in 91 so we still hold on to 80s to keep it going

No way!

Lol and omg are just as lame! I prefer valley girl slang any day


why is there a critic on here?


I saw saltine crackers today and thought of you.

Wiggin' out

Man… you guys are really wiggin' out over this,,,


Dang chill


I mean, like, REALLY! That meal was so grody, I think I might sell the buick.

they forgot the biggest one!

They forgot the biggest one .... "awesome"! They also forgot "aces".
Also, "excellent" as a slang word was popular, but its popularity carried over into the '90s -- as did "sweet".

Just no

those arent 80's words people always say awesome, sweet and excellent (aces was form the 80's though)

I wouldnt know

I am just over 80 so I definitely do not understand all of this: Slang. I also think that you should not be quite so rude to the other commenter as they were just commenting their own opinion which is ok to do so. Thank you for listening to my concern.

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