The fear that; somewhere, a duck is watching you. Coined by Gary Larson.




*reads word*
*does a spit take*

omg guys this is such a cool

omg guys this is such a cool word (:

Hilarious, but so sad

Hilarious, but so sad

This Word

There is phobias for EVERYTHING now! there is also a fear of long words! ahhhhh!


It's not a real phobia, its from a movie.

I love ducks!!!

weird how theres a phobia for everything lol


Now I know there is freakin duck sliming his eye balls on me


this is now my favorite word even i cant pronounce it.

Wow really...

Now I'm forever going to think a duck is watching me. Thanks a lot.

i love this

i think i freaking just fell in love with anatidaepobia

I'm not the only one?

OMG I thought I was the only one who thinks ducks are watching all of us.

I suffer from this everyday.....

I swear! A duck is staring at me right now, and it's freaking me out!


luv this word but is it tru/

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