the principles of those who oppose the with-drawal of the recognition or support of the state from an established church, usually used in referring to the Anglican church in the 19th century in England.



i can say... :P

Anti - dis - establishment - aria - nism ;)

Come On!

Gees, some people always find something to say to make the person who posted it feel cynical. Well done, trolls! It's a great word, I like it and it's good to see something different every now and then.




impressive...but why do we need this word...

I was saying this word

I was saying this word properly when I was 4 years old. NOOB

Re: I was saying this word

I could spell this word since I was 4 years old (and I still can).

Say This Word

You can't even say this word now :D


Wow, I can't even say that. It is AMAZING!

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