The act of throwing a person out of a window



Brotherly Love

I will Defenestate my brother Now

Even Cooler Words

Here's some more cool words- Crimson, Sonic, Prism, Aqua, Silver, Legend, Speed, Midnight, Blast, Ripper, Emerald, Crystal, Smash, Break, Killer, Jaws, Slash, Fang, Blazer, Dynamite, Streamer, Riser, Streaker, Tracer, Shadow, Phase, Freeze, Bomber, Frost, Bronze, Fire, Moon, Scar, Eclipse, Jade, Pearl, Spark, Sapphire, Burn, Dragon, Rush, Phoenix, and Strike.

Thats hilarious!!!!!!

Ive asked so many people if they knew what it meant and they didnt

Did you know

there is an alternate meaning, meaning installing an alternate system on a windows computer

i swear

is it a real word i am bear gonna prank my English teacher if it is!!

Best word ever.

Now, I know what to do with my co-workers. Defenestration to all!


And exactly how many times did he fall out of the window?
"Oh, I lost count of how many times I defenestrated him."

I have seen it

Author David Eddings uses this word at least once in each series of books he writes as a joke because no one knows what it means and assumes it means something nastier that it does

thats hilarious

lolol i love this word


He is my new Favorite author.


This is a milestone in my life now...

i lkee it

i lkee it

Have you thought of nonchalant

How about a word like nonchalant, cause defenestration is totally chill.

Let me laugh a lot at that.

Let me laugh a lot at that.

Literally my favourite word

Even before I found it on here. I found it a few weeks ago, I love telling teachers I want to defenestrate my homework, and them not knowing what it means, even my English teacher!

I thought it was pronounced de-FENCE-estration

because the person you threw out the window might hit the fence and break it.


The Defenestration Nation has arrived.


im gonna defenestrate you


I do this all the time


This is THE BEST word in the dictionary. It is also fun to tell people because they've never heard it before :) Then it's even more fun to tell them what it means XD

or rather, throwing

or rather, throwing *something* out the window, it doesn't have to be a person


but that takes the fun out of it XD

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