Best thing that has ever happened to you in your entire career.



Wrong, I'm in Latin.

This is a phrase, not a word, and is correctly stated as Magnum Opus. The definition however is correct. magnum means large, and opus means work.

Cool word!

I'm making a hacked client for minecraft and calling it this.


This isn't even spelled right. It is Magnanimous and it mean to generously forgive someone after losing to them.

wow, get a dictionary

sounds like you prefer 1 and 2 syllable words.

It doesn't mean the greatest

It doesn't mean the greatest thing that ever happened to you. It means your greatest work. The best thing you ever produced. One might say, "The Tempest was Shakespeare’s Magnum Opus."


I didn't know this so i searched up awesome words at google and this came up.. lets use it at my exam


Magnum opus


awesome word just gave me a great idea!

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