The supposed phenomenon in which all Christians are taken to heaven and everyone else is left on Earth to perish.



Being 'Left Behind' is a

Being 'Left Behind' is a false theology based on misinterpretation of scripture.

Not accurate

The people won't perish, most will follow the antichrist but some will come back to Christ. In which they will have to live out revelation but will still go to heaven.

Totally gonna happen! kappa

Totally gonna happen! kappa

dont you think you would

dont you think you would believe in him if you saw the rapture happing?

No, they wouldn't.

No, they wouldn't. Disbelievers disbelieve, deniers deny. One tenth of the population could disappear tomorrow and they would claim aliens, or a virus, or a trans-dimensional anomaly. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, they will need to accept it to alleviate their concerns that God exists. Christ performed dozens of miracles in front of hundreds of people, and most witnesses refused to accept him.


What you have said is hypocritical. If 3 million people were to die randomly, you would claim it was God and disbelieve all else. Before you state such atrocities, give me at least some proof of any type of deity existing. Otherwise your statement is invalid.

People left, get a second

People left, get a second chance to choose Christ.

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