Philosophy is said with a serious compassion, it seams. That's why it takes a philosopher to understand it, presumably.on the other hand, every person ever has lead a life of their own type of osophy, so here I created,a comedians or a childish persons version of, sillyosophy, when one speaks sillysophically, they are having a lighter look on their vision of life and history, less dramatic.

Any one is their own osopher, engineerosophical, entertaining values of engineers and their unknown yet to prove versions displayed among smarter or lesser people to evolve the integrity of their knowledge skills or just feelings on the subjects pondered, so you get it yeah? I made this word to help us evolve more thorough our individual values and philosophy was taking far too long on ours own to report among us the meaning and lessons to piss on, let's broaden it right open!

Your life is important to many people who don't even know you! Keep feeling and listening to things you can't yet understand, question everything you know and create the gaps until you feel the matter makes sense, then question it some more, you really do count ssi be sure to voice your osophy!, please! My name is Andrew Peter Woodhall of Australia, adventurer of mind and earth, week learn to big one day, so many more words to share with you all!



Maybe a few mistakes,

Maybe a few mistakes, spelling grammar context the lot!
Good value still

Nah bra

Bruh dis werd is fer de bast werd ie evr sen

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