doing something in a swaying motion

Yah I got swag and I know it




I hope you mean "sweg" XD


Probably put it because it ment cool?

Not so "swaggish" anymore..

Way too mainstream. It was cool while it lasted. Not now when so much people have overused this word. Very offensive too. "Secretly We Are Gay"? Bullcrap.

not so swag anymore

so many people say it, that it's not so cool anymore


Actually, swag is another word for curtain or drape. For example; "I got new swags for my windows yesterday."


Swag came from party bags, Swag bags, Stuff We All Get, and went from there

Incorrect usage of the word

To "Swagger" is to move in a swaying motion. "Swag" is slang for loot or bounty.


lmho, yeah, nice example :)

what is swag????

what is swag????

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