Means totally. If you say that's toats cool it means that's totally cool.




I do not use this word, but it is totes. Look at the word "totally". WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THE RANDOM "A" FROM!? ABBREVIATIONS DON'T RANDOMLY APPEAR.


oh goodness tHIS WQOUERD IS TOAST COOL! MUST BE! BC ITS IN COOLEST WOREDECXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dankdnandkankdnkandkandkankd kiank kiank kank kink kinky B )

my god

This word is incredibly annoying

the reason for totes are

the reason for totes are using frequently its becoz of auto spelling scripting.

toats still the coolest

It's toats

toats are cooler... and toats are the origin.

toats is nicer

words are controlled too by someone behind non from public....

toats is nicer

how come there are toats & totes... which 1 first..


I thought everyone knew it was "totes." This form kinda reminds me of "toast." XD

It's "totes", guys.

It's "totes", guys. Seriously.

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