3 Letter Words Ending In A

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The Meaning and Examples of Three-Letter Words Ending with A


The three-letter noun DNA is an abbreviation for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid,’ meaning the hereditary material in humans and most other organisms.

Therefore, DNA carries our unique genetic code.

Let’s dive into the following examples to understand this word better.

”A DNA test will confirm whether he’s the father of the child.”

”I’m eating so many candies; they are becoming a part of my DNA.”

”They say blood is not water, and we share the same DNA after all.”

”Regardless of what you were taught, the DNA sequence changes over time.”

”Did you know that environmental elements can temporarily modify your DNA?”

”Did you hear scientists have made a breakthrough discovery in the DNA landscape?”

”I would love to gift myself with DNA testing that would allow me to tap into my origins.”

The most common synonyms for this noun are genetic code, heredity, and chromosome.


The three-letter noun bra refers to the piece of women’s underwear clothing item that supports and covers breasts.

Read the examples below to understand this word better.

”I must wear a thin and barely visible bra for this dress.”

”Victoria’s Secret creates the best underwear, and I bought my favorite bra in their store.”

”You might have to take off the bra for this medical appointment.”

”My bra is so itchy, I think I’m going to throw it away.”

”I always struggle to find an aesthetic bra in my size.”

The most common synonyms for this word are brassiere, corset, bandeau, bustier, and foundation.


The three-letter noun era means a period in time, typically historical, unique, and different from others due to its specific events.

Read the following examples to gain a greater understanding of this noun.

”There was this sense of a renewed hope in the post-war era; everything is different today.”

”If I could, I would travel back in time to the Victorian era and experience how it felt to live in such an environment.”

”When we graduate from college, that will be a start of a new era; don’t you think so?”

”The old boss went to retirement, starting an era of uncertainty and financial crisis in the company.”

The most common synonyms for this word are age, time, eon, cycle, period, year, generation, stage, and day.


The noun ova is a plural version of the word ovum, meaning the female reproductive cell that can develop into a new individual after fertilization.

Read the examples below to understand this noun with more clarity.

”Did you know what happens after ova are fertilized?”

”Mom, are only girls born with ova, or do I also have them? – Jason asked his mother.”

”If you don’t have ova, you shouldn’t make laws on this matter.”

The most common synonyms for ova are gamete, macrogamete, and egg cell.


The three-letter word IRA is an abbreviation for the Irish Republican Army, an organization that fought for the unification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Read the examples below to gain a better understanding of this word.

”According to the media, there’s a new IRA with certain ties with IRA from the past century.”

”An IRA splinter group has claimed responsibility for the mass shooting.”

IRA used to trigger fear in many people in the past, but they were also fighting against the state oppression.”

”I don’t know if I can trust him after discovering he was an IRA member.”

As IRA is an abbreviation, there are not many synonyms except for provisional IRA and Provisional Irish Republican army.


The three-letter noun PDA is an abbreviation and informal way of referring to the public display of affection. That means two people being affectionate with each other in front of others, such as exchanging loving touches or kisses.

Read the following examples to understand the meaning of this noun better.

”My parents often exaggerate with PDA, which I find embarrassing.”

”Does PDA make you uncomfortable, or do you simply not like me?”

”I’m shy and not the biggest fan of PDA; I prefer to leave that for in between four walls only.”

”If I hug you now, would that be too much PDA?”

The most common synonyms for this noun are making out in public, touching in public, and hugging in public.


The noun pea refers to the green, tiny, round seed people eat as a vegetable. However, several can grow together on a long, green pod, and that plant is also called a pea.

Read the examples below to gain a better understanding of this noun.

”Although most people hate it, I love pea soup.”

”You should increase your pea intake; it’s fiber-rich and good for your diet.”

”My mom forced me to eat pea pods when I was a child. That’s why I dislike it now.”

The most common synonyms for this noun are pods, beans, capers, legumes, beetroot, and pea plant.


The noun maa comes from the Indian-English variation and refers to a mother.

The following examples will clarify the meaning and make it easier to understand.

”I’ll go to my maa tonight.”

”Is she your maa?”

”He used to call her ‘maa,’ now he doesn’t even come to visit anymore.”

”I wish someone would call me maa one day.”

The most common synonyms for this word are mum, mom, and mother.

However, this word can also refer to the bleating sound that sheep, lambs, and goats make, or it can refer to crying.


The noun lea means pasture or grassland, an open, grass-covered area.

Read the following examples to understand the meaning of this word with more ease.

”She used to lay down on the lea and imagine her future, but now she’s no longer here.”

”I like to watch the cattle roaming wild and free over the fresh-cut lea.”

”Do you remember that old Microsoft wallpaper with the large lea and the sun behind?”

The most common synonyms for this word are green, ground, meadow, pasture, range, farmland, grassland, moor, heath, prairie, pasturage, and grazing land.

UVA or UV-a

The uncountable noun UVA refers to relatively long ultraviolet rays capable of penetrating the deeper levels of our skin.

The sentences below will ensure you understand this three-letter noun.

UVA radiation represents 95 percent of all the ultraviolet rays that reach the surface of Earth.”

”Be careful because UVA rays can cause cancer.”

”Are UVA rays harmful?”

”If you expose yourself to too many UVA rays, you can experience sunburn.”

”Protect yourself with a high-quality cream because UVA rays accelerate aging.”

The most common synonyms for this three-letter noun are Roentgen rays, ultraviolet light, solar radiation, and UV-rays.


The noun boa refers to the giant South American snake that can quickly kill humans due to its intense choke hold, but they only kill animals for food.

Read the following examples to obtain a higher understanding of this noun.

”Is it eccentric to keep a boa as a pet?”

”I don’t feel comfortable next to snakes, even if it’s a supposedly harmless boa.”

”A boa will wrap its elongated bodies around animals and kill them ruthlessly.”

The most common synonyms for this noun are constrictor, cobra, python, and garter snake.

However, this noun also refers to a long, fathered piece of clothing that women sometimes wear as a scarf, although this was more of a practice in the past.

The examples below will help you understand this noun.

”You might think it’s outdated, but I would still wear a pink boa, especially to a party like this.”

”Put your fluffy boa around your neck, and you’ll look more elegant and unique.”

The most common synonyms for this word are scarf, neckwear, bandana, shawl, stole, and ascot.


The word sea refers to the salty blue waters covering most of our planet’s surface.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”Meet me by the sea.”

”One day, I’ll leave everything behind and go sailing the sea.”

The most common synonyms for this word are expanse, ocean, maritime, and waters.


The noun spa is a mineral-rich place for health, relaxation, and healing.

Read the examples below to understand this noun better.

”I would like to go to a spa for my birthday.”

”A spa is one of the most peaceful places to enjoy and recharge.”

The most common synonyms for this word are lodge, sauna, and whirlpool.


The noun tea refers to the dried herbal leaves people put in boiling water and drink from a mug.

The examples below will expand your understanding of this noun.

”I love drinking tea.”

”If you’re sick, make yourself tea to feel better.”

”A tea will warm you up and boost your immunity.”

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