3 Letter Words Ending In C

Because of their brevity, three-letter words can often be used to create simple, concise sentences or phrases.

They are also commonly used in word games and puzzles, such as Scrabble or crossword.

However, it’s essential to remember that not all three-letter words ending in “c” will be familiar or commonly used. Some may be obscure or technical terms only used in specific fields or contexts.

The Most Common Three-Letter Words Ending In C


The three-letter word “arc” refers to a curved path or shape, often used to describe the trajectory of an object in motion.

It can describe a portion of a circle or a curve part of a larger shape.

Arcs are commonly seen in various forms of art and design, as well as in mathematics and physics.

For example, the path of a thrown ball, a swinging pendulum, or the trajectory of a rocket can all be described as arcs.

In geometry, an arc is a portion of a circle’s circumference, with its length determined by the measure of the central angle it subtends.

Arcs can also be found in nature, such as a rainbow’s arc or a wave crest’s curvature.

They might be used metaphorically to describe a progression or development over time, such as the arc of a person’s career or a story in a novel.


“Orc” refers to a mythical creature in fantasy literature and role-playing games, usually portrayed as a humanoid monster with grotesque features and violent behavior.

The concept of the orc has its roots in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, where orcs are depicted as a race of evil creatures serving the dark lord Sauron.

The term “orc” has since been used in various other works of fantasy fiction, as well as in popular culture and gaming.


“Bic” is most commonly known as a brand of disposable pens and lighters.

The Bic pen was first introduced in the late 1950s and quickly became popular due to its affordability and reliability.

The company has since expanded its product line to include other writing instruments, shavers, stationery, and consumer goods.

The term “bic” is often a shorthand or generic term for a ballpoint pen, regardless of brand.


“Doc” is a commonly used slang or abbreviated term for a doctor, referring to a medical professional who has completed the required education and training to practice medicine.

“Doc” can refer to a file format used for storing electronic documents, mainly text files or help files that contain formatted text, images, and other elements.

Microsoft initially developed the DOC format for use in its word processing software, Microsoft Word, which has since become widely used for creating and sharing electronic documents.


“Etc.” is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “et cetera,” which means “and other things” or “and so on.” It is commonly used to indicate that a list is not exhaustive and that additional items could be included.

For example, in the phrase “I need to pack my clothes, toiletries, etc.”, the “etc.” indicates that additional items may be included in the packing list, but they are not necessary to mention at that moment.

“Etc” is often used in written communication, such as emails, text messages, and academic writing.


“Vec” is commonly used in computer programming as an abbreviation for “vector,” a mathematical data structure representing a list of elements, typically numbers or other data types.

In programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python, a vector is typically implemented as an array or dynamic array that can be resized and store elements of any data type.

Vectors are commonly used in various applications, including graphics, machine learning, and scientific computing.

The term “vec” is often used as a prefix or suffix in variable or function names to indicate that the variable or function is related to a vector or uses a vector as input or output.


“Bac” has several different meanings and uses depending on the context.

It can be related to a shortened version of “bachelor’s degree,” which is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a program of study.

Additionally, it is a type of bacteria known as “bacillus,” a rod-shaped microorganism found in various environments, including soil, water, and the human body. Some kinds of bacillus can cause infections, while others are used to produce antibiotics and other medications.

It may be a slang term for “back” or “backside,” often used about a person’s body.

“Bac” refers to a type of car battery known as a “lead-acid battery,” a rechargeable battery commonly used in vehicles.

It is sometimes related to a brand of beer that originated in the United States, known for its distinctive bottle shape and label design. The company has since expanded its product line to include other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


“Mic” is a 3-letter word ending in “c” commonly used as a shortened version of “microphone,” which is a device that converts sound waves into an electrical current that can be amplified or recorded.

Microphones are used in various applications, including live performances, recording studios, broadcast journalism, and telecommunications.

They can be designed to pick up sound from specific directions or to cancel out background noise.

They can be built into smartphones, headphones, and laptops or used as standalone devices connected to a recording or amplification system.

In the context of computing, “mic” can also be an abbreviation for “Microsoft” or “machine learning.”


“Pic” can refer to a few different things, including:

A shortened ” picture ” version is an image or representation of a scene, object, or person, typically created using a camera or other visual medium. Pictures can be used for various purposes, including art, documentation, advertising, and entertainment.

A slang term for “photograph” is a picture or image created using a camera or device that captures light and converts it into an electronic or chemical signal. Photographs can be printed or displayed electronically and are often used to preserve memories or capture moments in time.

A type of “pica” measurement used in typography is a unit of measure equal to 1/6 of an inch. Pica measurements are used in typesetting and printing to determine the size and spacing of the text and other elements on a page. One pica is equal to 12 points or 72 pixels in digital design.

A slang term for “piece” can refer to various things depending on the context. For example, in the context of firearms, “piece” can be a slang term for a gun, and “pic” can be a shortened version.


“Roc” is a three-letter word ending in “c” with different meanings depending on the context. One of its meanings is a mythical bird of prey, often depicted as a giant eagle or griffin in Middle Eastern and Islamic mythology.

In this context, “roc” is a legendary creature that is said to be able to carry off elephants in its talons.

Another meaning of “roc” is footwear that originated in the hip-hop and urban fashion scene. “Roc” sneakers or boots are typically high-top and feature a thick, chunky sole.

The term “roc” is short for “Rockefeller,” which was the name of a record label and fashion line started by Damon Dash and Jay-Z in the early 2000s.

In addition to these meanings, “roc” can be used as a nickname or short form of the name “Rocky” or “Rocco.”

It can also be a slang term for a giant diamond, derived from the word “rock.”


“Voc” is a three-letter word ending in “c” with multiple meanings and uses, depending on the context.

One meaning of “voc” is a shortened form of “vocation,” which refers to a strong sense of calling or purpose in one’s work or occupation.

For example, someone who feels they were meant to be a teacher or a musician might describe their job as their “voc” or vocation.

Another possible meaning of “voc” is a shortened form of “vocational,” which refers to education or training focused on developing practical skills for a particular occupation or trade.

For example, someone who attends a vocational school might learn skills like welding, plumbing, or automotive repair.


“TOC” is an abbreviation or acronym rather than a standalone three-letter word, but it ends with the letter “c.” Here are a few possible meanings:

Table of contents, a list of the chapters or sections of a book or document in the order in which they appear.

Tactical Operations Center is a military command and control facility that coordinates and directs combat operations.

The theory of Constraints is a methodology for identifying and managing the most critical constraints or bottlenecks in a production or manufacturing process.

Time of check is used in computer security when a user’s permissions or access to a particular system or resource are verified.

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