7 Letter Words Ending In A

Did you ever wonder what the seven-letter words that end with A are? – Then you’re in the right place.

This article explores the seven-letter words finishing with A and goes a step beyond by providing easy-to-understand examples to clarify the meaning.

Dive into these unique words with us and learn how to use them more effectively in your daily speech.

The Meaning and Examples of the Seven-Letter Words that End with A


Noun algebra refers to the type of math where symbols and letters represent quantities.

Read the examples below to expand your knowledge of this word.

”Ever since Maddie was a child, she struggled with algebra and hated school because of it.”

”Hector is a genius when it comes to algebra; he leaves everyone in awe of his knowledge.”

”I would like to hear examples of using algebra in your everyday life.”

”The kids would like to study natural sciences, but they’re not the best in algebra.”

The most common synonyms for this word are calculation, calculus, math, approximation, and ciphering.


Favella is a noun that refers to slums or shacks on the outskirts of large Brazilian cities.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”Martim lived in a favella in Sao Paolo before coming to work in Miami.”

”You can spell it either favella or favela; both are right.”

”I can’t imagine how it is to live in a favella.

The most common synonyms for this word are shantytown, shack, encampment, shelter, campground, hut, hutch, jungle, and cabin.


The noun amnesia refers to the complete or partial loss of memory due to brain injury, illness, shock, or fatigue.

The following sentences will help you understand this word better.

”Hendrick suffers from amnesia after injuring his head in a bizarre accident.”

”The illness is incurable and might cause amnesia down along the road.”

”The government might be suffering from willful amnesia because they forgot the promises they made before the elections.”

”What are the odds of my grandpa developing amnesia?”

The most common synonyms for this word are forgetfulness, oblivion, stupor, blackout, fugue, absentmindedness, unawareness, and unconsciousness.


The noun grandma is an informal way of referring to a grandmother.

The sentences below will clarify the meaning of this word.

”I can’t see you tomorrow; I’m visiting my grandma in Ohio.”

”My grandma raised me, resulting in our tight-knit, unbreakable connection.”

”Why don’t you allow the grandma to visit her grandchildren?”

”Despite being someone’s mother and grandma, she was still an individual with her own needs, wishes, and hopes.”

”Are you close with your grandpa and grandma?”

The most common synonyms for this word are grandmother, grandma, granny, gram, and matriarch.


The noun amphora originates from the Greek language and means a jar with two handles.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”They’re selling an ancient amphora on e-Bay; I must have it!”

”Why would you buy an amphora? How will you use it?”

”This amphora is our precious decor and a wedding gift. Please, don’t touch it.”

The most common synonyms for this word are vase, ornament, urn, jar, container, pot, carafe, and jug.


The noun baklava refers to a dessert made of thin, sweet pastry, honey, and nuts, originating from the Ottoman Empire.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”We met a couple from the Balkans, and they made the original baklava pie for us.”

”Could you share with me the recipe for this tasty baklava?”

”This is the first baklava shop in the city, and the owners are from Istanbul.”

The only synonyms that slightly match the meaning of this word are dessert, sweet, and Middle Eastern pastry.


The noun malaria refers to the human disease caused by blood protozoans, characterized by fever and chills.

Read the examples below to expand your understanding of this word.

”The malaria drug is not adequate for everyone, especially those with low zinc levels.”

”Mercer was camping in a jungle in Bolivia and returned home with an intense case of malaria.”

Malaria is among the principal reasons I’m afraid of traveling to tropical countries.”

”He survived malaria but will never forget that grizzly experience.”

The most common synonyms for this word are fever and ague, jungle fever, miasm, ague, miasma, and paludism.


The noun bachata refers to the type of dance and music from the Dominican Republic.

Read the examples below to gain a better understanding of this word.

Bachata is becoming increasingly popular in this decade.”

”Some of the top charting Latino hits in the past few years have included bachata rhythms.”

”The music group mixes tropical sounds with bachata, and the results are mesmerizing.”

This word doesn’t have any relevant synonyms that share the same meaning.


The noun stamina refers to the mental or bodily capability to endure a prolonged stressful activity or effort.

The sentences below will clarify the meaning of this word.

”He surprised everyone with his physical stamina and the ability to take blow after blow.”

”I don’t think I have the stamina necessary for this job and to accomplish the needed results.”

”Carrie’s unexpected stamina allowed her to complete the task and enjoy the fruits of her labor.”

”Even if you’re feeling low, exercising will help you reinforce your stamina.”

The most common synonyms for this word are fortitude, energy, endurance, resilience, grit, vitality, staying power, strength, vigor, courage, determination, and perseverance.


The noun formula refers to the series of symbols, standards, numbers, or letters that make up a law or rule.

Read the following examples to understand this seven-letter word better.

”Use this formula to calculate the area of the rectangle.”

”The scientist was conflicted about whether that was the right chemical formula.”

”The team was tired of the same old formula the department was using, so they decided to develop a new one.”

”The cocktail used a different formula, but it resulted in a more balanced taste.”

”Tell me your secret formula for having such long and silky hair.”

The most common synonyms for this word are method, technique, procedure, recipe, process, blueprint, approach, plan, scheme, program, and strategy.


The noun barista refers to the professional who works in a bar or a coffee shop and makes drinks, typically coffees.

The examples below will clarify the meaning of this word.

”Hank applied for the position of a barista in a local bar, even though he had no experience.”

”Believe it or not, Maxine started her thriving career as a barista in some nameless coffee shop.”

”We’re looking for an experienced barista interested in all things coffee and cold brew.”

The most common synonyms for this word are bartender, barkeeper, waiter, barmaid, server, and mixologist.


The noun mascara refers to the liquid, thick substance people put on their eyelashes to make them look longer and more distinctive.

Read the following examples to gain a greater understanding of this word.

”She ran out of her old mascara but had no money to buy a new one.”

”If you ask me, this brand might be expensive, but I had their mascara once, which was terrible quality.”

”I don’t like to put on mascara because it makes my eyes itchy and leaves me with smudgy skin.”

There are no synonyms for this word.


The noun bazooka refers to a long shoulder-type weapon resembling a rocket launcher.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”They used a bazooka in the war, leaving many injured and dead.”

”The singer uses a bazooka in her latest music video, pretending to be shot by her ex.”

”I would never dare to hold a bazooka; that’s some dangerous weapon.”

There are no synonyms for this word.


The noun dilemma refers to a challenging situation or question where one must make a tough choice between two equally important things.

Read the following examples to understand this word better.

”He found himself caught in a dilemma, unable to choose between a promotion and a job in another company.”

”This is such a dilemma; I’m not sure what to do.”

”This task will force you to confront an ethical dilemma and decide how to minimize collateral damage.”


The noun nirvana is a word that originates from Buddhism and refers to the state of utter happiness and peace one accomplishes after relinquishing their desires.

”Being here brings me to a state of complete nirvana.”

”I love our time together; it feels like nirvana.”

The most common synonyms for this word are bliss, joy, happiness, heaven, paradise, peace, serenity, awakening, and tranquility.

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