Adjectives That Start With A

In this article we will talk about the adjectives that start with the letter A.

There are a lot of descriptive words starting with this letter.

We are going to mention a couple of the adjectives that start with the letter A and we are going to explain you their use and meanings, too.

The Most Common Adjectives that Start with the Letter A

As we have said, you are going to see now some of the most common adjectives with letter A at the beginning.

We will give you definitions of those adjectives as well as examples for each of them.


Adjective adequate is used to describe something that is acceptable in quantity or quality.

It is something that can satisfy certain quality and quantity standards.

We can also say that we use adjective adequate when something is appropriate for a particular purpose.

Something is good enough or we can say that something is acceptable.

For example, we can say: “This room is adequate for my new office”, which means that the room fits in terms of size and other standards and because of that I can use it as my new office.

There is also a sentence: “You should have an adequate breakfast if you want to lose weight”, which means that your breakfast needs to be according to your goal.

In this case it means that your breakfast should be low-calorie, but nutritious, for example.

We have one more example that will help you learn in which context you can use adjective adequate: “You should wear adequate clothes for work.”

In this sentence adjective adequate means that you should wear clothes that corresponds to certain standards at work.

Some of the most common synonyms of adjective adequate are: sufficient, satisfying, appropriate, acceptable, suitable and enough.


If something is authentic, it means that it is original.

This adjective indicates that something is not a copy. Something is real and original.

Take a look at the following example in order to understand the use of this adjective:

“We have eaten an authentic Spanish dish in the restaurant”, which means that the dish originates from Spain.

“In that museum we saw an authentic painting by Picasso”, which means that Picasso painted this picture.

It means that this painting is his original work.

Synonyms that we can use instead of adjective authentic are: genuine, real, true, legitimate, legal, etc.


Among the words that start with A to describe someone there is also adjective able.

This adjective indicates that someone has a lot of talents and skills.

If someone is able to do something, it means that this person has powers and skills to do something.

Also, adjective able can be used when someone has the opportunity to do something.

Take a look at the following examples with this adjective.

“He is able to swim the entire length of the river.”

“I am not able to solve this problem.”

Also, adjective able can refer to someone’s skills in general.

It can describe someone who has competence and knowledge for doing something.

In this context we can say for example: “He is an able politician”, which means that he has good political skills that enable him to be successful in the world of politics.

Synonyms of adjective able are: capable, adept, competent, apt, adequate, intelligent, etc.


There are many positive adjectives that start with A. One of them is adjective adaptable.

This adjective is used to describe someone who is able to cope with changes and to adjust to new circumstances.

We are going to give you a couple of examples below:

“Those animals are not adaptable to the new conditions in the zoo.”

It means that it will be difficult for the animals to get used to the new conditions in the zoo.

“You have to be adaptable if you start working in a team with colleagues.”

It means that you have to respect other people’s opinions and you have to compromise when it is necessary.

You have to adapt to the new working conditions because they will be different from the conditions that you had when you worked individually.

Therefore, you have to adapt to a new situation in order to function as part of a team.

Another example could be: “They are moving to a new apartment tomorrow but it won’t be a problem for them because they are easily adaptable.”

This means that they will easily adapt to a new house and a new place of residence.

Adjective adaptable is also used to determine something that can be easily modified for new purposes, for example.

The most common synonyms related to adjective adaptable are adjustable and flexible.


Another adjective that starts with A is adjective abundant. It means that something is available in big quantities.

We use adjective abundant when there is a plenty of something. For example, we can say:

“The police found abundant evidence against him”, which means that there were a lot of evidences which indicated that he was guilty.

There is another example as well: “She always likes to have an abundant supply of flour”, which means that she likes to have flour in larger quantities.

Synonyms of adjective abundant are: plentiful, rich, ample, bountiful, etc.


Adjective aesthetic has always something to do with beauty. Its synonyms are attractive, artistic, creative and inventive.

“Her aesthetic appearance is most important to her”, which means that she pays a lot of attention to her appearance and that it is very important to her.

There is also a very interesting example with adjective aesthetic: “There are a lot of aesthetic adjectives, such as attractive, beautiful, elegant and many others”.

In this example it is obvious that adjective aesthetic is associated with beauty and physical appearance.


When we talk about adjectives beginning with A, it is important to mention adjective affordable. Adjective affordable is usually used when we talk about prices.

Actually, this adjective means that something is cheap enough and people can buy it or afford it.

We will give you some examples that may be helpful to you:

“We will buy this house because the price is affordable and it is located in a nice place.”

“That house is affordable and it can be bought for little money.”

“I have found a very nice dress at affordable price”.

In all these sentences adjective affordable means that something is not expensive and it is not a problem to afford it.

Synonyms that can be used instead of adjective affordable are: cheap, fair, economical, low-cost, etc.


Among the adjectives beginning with A, there is also adjective abnormal. This adjective means that something is not usual or normal.

Something is unusual but in a negative way, so it can be even worrying or undesirable.

If we say that something is abnormal, it means that there is a certain deviation from something normal or from something average.

We will give you now a good example in which you can see the use of adjective abnormal.

“His behaviour has become abnormal lately, which scares me a bit.”

“We will not go on a trip today due to abnormal weather conditions”, which means that bad weather conditions are the reason why we will not go on a trip.

Some of the most common synonyms of adjective abnormal are: unusual, atypical, non-typical, uncommon and many others.


One of the adjectives starting with A to describe a person positively is admirable.

If someone is admirable, it means that someone is worthy of admiration.

This person inspires affection and approval with his/her actions.

There are a couple of examples that can describe the use of adjective admirable:

“Brad Pitt is an admirable actor”, which means that people admire him and his acting skills.

“His education is admirable and therefore it is always easy for him to find a good job.”

In this sentence the adjective admirable means that he is very educated and that people admire him because of it. In addition, his education allows him to find a good job.

“Her career is admirable and that’s why many people envy her.” In this sentence, the adverb admirable means that she has achieved a lot of success in her career.

Adjective admirable can also refer to things and it can mean that something is very good.

In this context we can say: “His acting in that movie was admirable” or “The way in which he is writing books is admirable.”

We can also say: “His manners are admirable and that is why he is very attractive to women.”

It means that women admire him because of his manners.

The most usual synonyms of adjective admirable are praiseworthy and estimable.

We can also say that someone or something is exceptional, commendable or estimable.


One of descriptive words that start with A is adorable. This adjective refers to someone who inspires love and affection.

Someone may be very attractive and it is easy to like this person.

“She was adorable when she appeared in that dress”, which means that she looked very good in that dress.

Adjective adorable can be also used to describe someone or something that is small and that we can like easily.

“These little candies are simply adorable”. Adjective adorable indicates that you simply have to like these candies.

They are sweet and their taste may be also irresistible.

“Her baby girl is really adorable”, which means that her baby is very sweet and people simply adore her.

There is also a sentence: “It’s so adorable to see that older people hold their hands.”

Synonyms of adjective adorable are: lovable, charming, cute, appealing, sweet, delightful, darling, etc.


One of the best compliments that start with A is awesome.

When someone tells you that you look awesome, it is one of the best compliments that you can get.

Being awesome means being extremely beautiful. If someone tells you that you are looking awesome, it means that you are looking great.

There are many examples that can help you understand the use of adjective awesome, such as:

“You look awesome with that hairstyle.” or “He looks awesome in that outfit”.

Adjective awesome is also used to describe that something is impressive and extremely good. For example, we can say:

“His master thesis is awesome”, which means that it is very well written and he certainly got high marks for it.

The most common synonyms of adjective awesome are: breathtaking, astonishing, amazing and stunning.

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