Adjectives That Start With F

In this article we will talk about the adjectives that start with the letter F.

We will present you a few adjectives starting with the letter F and we will explain you their meanings.

Of course, we will also give you some suitable examples so that you can understand the use of these adjectives in different contexts.

The Most Common Adjectives That Start With the Letter F


The first adjective that we are going to mention is the adjective faithful. Faithful is actually one of the adjectives starting with F to describe a person positively.

If someone is faithful, it means that this person is loyal and trustworthy. The adjective faithful usually refers to faithfulness in an emotional relationship or marriage.

Look at the following example in order to understand it better:

“I trusted him and he was not faithful to me”. It means that he cheated on me and betrayed me in some way.

There is also a similar example with the adjective faithful:

“She is faithful to her husband and they have a very good marriage.” It means that she respects her husband very much and she would never cheat on him.

However, the adjective faithful can also be associated with friendship, so we can say that someone has “faithful friends”, for example. It means that this person has friends that are loyal to her.

There are also other uses of the adjective faithful. For example, if we have a copy that is fast the same as the original, we say that this copy is faithful.

In addition, the adjective faithful can refer to someone who fulfills his duties at work and who respects his boss.

For an employee who works honestly and contributes to the company, we say that he is a faithful employee, which means that he is a loyal and conscientious employee.


In addition to the adjective faithful, we have the adjective faithless, which is the exact opposite of the adjective faithful.

The adjective faithless means that someone is disloyal and this adjective is usually referred to love relationships or marriages.

In this context the synonyms of the adjective faithless are: unfaithful, false, disloyal, false-hearted, etc.

For example, we can say:

“His wife loves him very much, but he is faithless to her.” It means that he is not loyal and faithful to his wife.

However, there is also another meaning related to the adjective faithless. Actually, it can be used in the context of religion.

If someone does not believe in God, then that person is said to be faithless. In that context faithless is the synonym of “irreligious” and “unbelieving”.

There is an example that can help you understand the use of this adjective:

“He is faithless and he never goes to church.” It means that he doesn’t believe in god and that he is not interested in religion in general.


One of the adjectives beginning with F is flawless. This adjective means that something is perfect, which means that it doesn’t have any defect.

For example, we can say: “Her skin is flawless. It is shiny, soft and wrinkle free.”

Another example could be: “You have to make a flawless plan in order to manage to escape from that place.” This means that you cannot make a single mistake if you want your plan to succeed.

The adjective flawless is the synonym of the adjectives perfect, faultless and unblemished.

Flawless is also one of the adjectives starting with F to describe a person positively. This adjective refers to a person who doesn’t have any faults and who is very good.

In that context we can say:

“Your daughter is a flawless student. She comes to school regularly and she always knows everything. Apart from that, she is well behaved and she has never caused any trouble at school.”

“He is a flawless worker who completes all his duties on time.”

As you can see, the adjective flawless is used equally to refer to persons and things.

In any case, this adjective always refers to something that has no flaw or error, which means that something is simply perfect.


One of descriptive words that start with F is also flexible. This adjective indicates that something can be easily modified.

“He is looking for a job where he will have flexible working hours”, which means that his working hours will not be strictly defined but will vary from day to day. He will have the opportunity to work when it suits him.

Also, the adjective flexible can refer to persons. It means that someone is always ready or able to adapt to different situations. A flexible person is also ready to adapt to many changes.

In that context we can say:

“He is a flexible person and it is always easy to agree on everything with him.”

“We are looking for a flexible worker who can easily adapt to our working conditions.”


Another adjective starting with F that is very common in the English language is famous.

If someone is famous, it means that many people know that person. It must be a very popular and well-known person.

For example, we can say:

“He is a very famous actor and his movies are very good”, which means that he is well-known and popular.

A similar example could be: “He is a very famous writer”, which means that he is a celebrated and well-known writer. He is a writer who is recognized by many people.

We will give you a couple more examples with the adjective famous:

“She was very poor in her youth, and now she has become popular and famous all over the world”.

“She is famous for her humanitarian work and people respect her a lot.”

It means that she is well-known for her humanitarian work. A lot of people know her and they respect her because of her humanitarian work.

However, you should know that the adjective famous can also refer to things, so we can say:

“That city is famous for its lively nightlife.” It means that many people have heard of lively nightlife of that city.

“Hamburg is famous for its large number of bridges.” It means that it is known all over the world that Hamburg has a lot of bridges.

The most common synonyms of the adjective famous are: well-know, prominent, popular, celebrated, famed, eminent and many others.


One of the adjectives starting with F to describe a person positively is the adjective friendly.

This adjective means that someone is pleasant and kind or that someone behaves in a kind and pleasant way towards someone else.

Actually, the adjective friendly means that someone likes people and wants that people like him/her as well.

For example, we can say: “She is very friendly and I like to talk with her.” It means that she is a very pleasant person and it is nice to spend time with her.

Another similar example could be:

“Our neighbours are very friendly and we spend a lot of time together.”

However, the adjective friendly doesn’t have to be always associated with persons.

For example, we can say:

“Are you on friendly terms with your mother-in-low?” This question means could be also said in another way: “Do you have a good relationship with your mother-in-low?”

We can also say: “A friendly match between these two teams will take place on Sunday.”

In this case the adjective friendly means that the match is not played for further qualification, but it is based on leisure and fun.

“He has such a friendly face that people immediately like him.” It means that his face is pleasant and attractive to people.

Some of the synonyms of the adjective friendly are: cordial, affectionate, sociable, affable, companionable, amiable, etc.


One of the adjectives beginning with F is also frightened. This adjective means that someone is afraid of something. It can also mean that someone is anxious.

If someone is frightened, it means that this person is feeling worry or fear because of something. We can give you a couple of examples in order to understand it better:

“I am frightened of walking alone at night.”

“He is frightened about his future.” It means that he is worried about his future. He may have fears about what is expecting him in the future.

“I am frightened to tell him the truth.” It means that I am afraid of telling him the truth because I don’t know what his reaction would be.

“Are you frightened of flying?” We can also say this sentence in another way: “Are you afraid of flying?” or “Do you have a fear of flying?”

The most common synonyms of the adjective frightened are: anxious, afraid, fearful, alarmed, panicky, spooked, terrified, startled, etc.


One of the best compliments that start with F is fabulous. If someone is looking fabulous, it means that this person is looking very good.

Look at the next example:

“You are looking fabulous in that dress.” It means that you look amazing.

However, we can use the adjective fabulous in other contexts as well. For example we can say:

“There is a fabulous hotel in the center of the city.” It means that there is a great hotel in the center of the city.

“I enjoy listening to the fabulous stories from her youth.” It means that her stories are very interesting and amazing, so I enjoy listening to them.

However, sometimes the adjective fabulous can also mean that something is not based on reality, which means that something is mythical.

In that context we can give you the next examples:

“There were many fabulous creatures in her stories.” It means that there were many mythical and legendary creatures in her stories.

“That fabulous city has been described a lot in history.” We can say this sentence in other words: “That mythical city has been described a lot in history.”

The adjective fabulous has a lot of synonyms, such as: phenomenal, tremendous, excellent, prodigious, extraordinary, mythical, mythological, legendary, etc.


The next adjective that begins with the letter F is fearless. This adjective describes a person who doesn’t have any fears.

“Her father is fearless.” It means that her father is not afraid of anything and people probably admire him because of it.

We can also say: “I admire those soldiers. They are really fearless.”

The most common synonyms of the adjective fearless are: brave, courageous, confident, daring or intrepid.

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