Adjectives That Start With G

Adjectives are words that enrich any language. Without adjectives the language would be empty and cold.

Adjectives more closely define the noun they stand next to, so we often call them descriptive words.

In the English language there are many adjectives that add some “colour” to the language and make it richer.

This text will be dedicated to the adjectives starting with the letter G.

There are a lot of such adjectives, but we have chosen a few of them that we consider very important in the English language.

These are adjectives that are often used and that form part of our everyday speech.

We will explain their meanings and we will give you a lot of examples, so that the use of these adjectives will be clearer to you.

So, let’s start now and see what the adjectives that start with the letter G are.

The Most Common Adjectives That Start with the Letter G


One of descriptive words that start with G is glad. This adjective refers to someone who is happy and pleased because of something.

You can see the use of this adjective in the example below:

“I am glad to see you.” It means that I am happy to see you.

“I’m glad they won the game”. It means that I am happy because of their win.

“I would be glad if you could go with me.” In this sentence the adjective glad also means “happy” or “pleased”. We can say this sentence in another way:

“It would make me happy if you could go with me.”

Apart from the adjectives happy and pleased that we have already mentioned, the most common synonyms of the adjective glad are: delighted, thrilled, overjoyed, well pleased, etc.


Another adjective starting with G is growing. This adjective comes originally from the verb “to grow”.

The adjective growing is used to describe something that is increasing in amount or size.

Also, it can indicate that something is increasing in degree.

“A growing number of students consume alcohol and cigarettes”.

This means that more and more students consume cigarettes and alcohol, that is, the number of students who consume cigarettes and alcohol is increasing more and more.

“The growing number of abortions in our country has alarmed the government.” In this sentence, the adjective growing means that the number of abortions in our country is increasing more and more.

There are also some more examples with the adjective growing that will help you understand better its use and meaning.

Growing children should not eat a lot of sweets.”

“A growing business is very important for all of us.”

“There are many growing industrial zones in Germany.”

You have seen different examples in which we have used the adjective growing and we hope that now you can understand better the use and the meaning of this adjective.


One of the adjectives beginning with G is ghostly. The adjective ghostly means that something looks like a ghost or that something belongs to a ghost.

We can also say that something is unnatural and frightening in some kind of way.

We are going to give you a couple of sentences that can be helpful:

“Those dolls looked ghostly and the children were scared.”

“We saw some ghostly figures in the dark and immediately ran away.”

“This park is ghostly at night.”

Ghostly children ran after him and tried to catch him.”

The most common synonyms of the adjective ghostly are: unnatural, phantom, spectral, ghostlike, illusory, unearthly, etc.


One of the adjectives starting with G to describe a person positively is great. It means that someone is very good and above average in his abilities or qualities.

For example, we can say:

“She is a great person.” It means that she is a very good person, better than people in general.

“He is a great singer.” It means that he is a prominent and distinguished singer.

“He is great at football.”, which means that he has a lot of talent for football. He is skilled with the ball and is very successful in football.

We can also use the adjective great to talk about something that is above average in its intensity or in its amount.

In this context the adjective great is the synonym of considerable, significant and sizeable.

We have an example:

“A great creature has appeared in the wood.” It means that a very large creature appeared in the wood.

“He has mentioned great details about that thing”, which means that he has mentioned very important details about something.

“This thing is of great importance for us.” It means that this thing has very big importance for us. The adjective great in this sentence has the meaning “big”.

Also, the adjective great can be used in a general sense, for example:

“We had a great time together.”

“It was great last night.”

We can also say:

“His recovery is going great”, which means that it is going very well.

In addition to the synonyms that we have mentioned, some other synonyms of the adjective great are: big, pronounced, extraordinary, large, appreciable, exceptional, large, eminent, prominent, distinguished, noble, notable, famous, celebrated and many others.


The next adjective that we are going to present you is the adjective glorious.

The adjective glorious means that something or someone is famous and worthy of admiration.

Something deserves honour and admiration. For example we can say:

“Those were glorious times.” It means that those were times that were worthy of glory and admiration. The adjective glorious is often associated with history and heroic times.

“It was a glorious victory.” It means that people admire this victory and they still talk about it.

Also, the adjective glorious can mean that something is magnificent, spectacular or wonderful. In this context we can say:

“It was a glorious winter day.” It means that this winter day was wonderful.

The most common synonyms related to the adjective glorious are: celebrated, renowned, famed, marvellous, spectacular, magnificent, etc.


The adjective generous is the next adjective that we are going to talk about. This is one of the words that start with G to describe someone.

A generous person is someone who is ready to give more money and other things than it is necessary. This person likes helping others and giving them money, but also many other things.

Someone who is generous likes giving money to others and helping them.

“She is always generous to her friends.” It means that she likes giving them money and presents. She is not selfish, she likes sharing things and money with her friends.

“Since you have a lot of money, you should be more generous to poor people.” It means that you should give more money to poor people and help them.

The most common synonyms of the adjective generous are: lavish, copious, liberal, bountiful, etc.


This is another adjective that starts with the letter G. This adjective means that someone feels appreciation for something that he/she has or for something that he/she has done.

“I am grateful for everything that I have in my life.” I appreciate all people and things that I have in my life.

“I am very grateful to you for helping me in the most difficult situation.” It means that I really appreciate that you helped me in a difficult situation.

The most common synonyms of the adjective grateful are appreciative and thankful.


One of the compliments that start with G is good-looking. This adjective describes someone who has a very nice appearance and who is attractive in a physical sense.

“Even though she is over fifty, she is very good-looking”, which means that she looks very good for her age.

“For me the most important thing is that a man is good-looking”. It means that for me most important is that a man is physically attractive.

Some of the synonyms of the adjective good-looking are attractive, fine-looking, handsome, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc.


Another descriptive word that starts with the letter G is gorgeous. This adjective is used to describe someone who is attractive and beautiful.

Because of that this adjective can also be used as a compliment. Take a look at the example:

“You look gorgeous in that dress.” It means that you look great and spectacular in the dress.

“He is a gorgeous young man.” It means that he is a handsome and attractive young man.

However, the adjective gorgeous doesn’t have to refer always to persons. It can be also used to describe things, situations, etc. Look at the example below:

“Yesterday was a gorgeous day”, which means that it was a great day yesterday.

Synonyms of this adjective are spectacular, superb, awesome, astonishing, breathtaking, splendid, stunning, impressive and many others.


One of descriptive words starting with the letter G is also gracious. The adjective gracious means that someone is pleasant and kind towards someone else.

We can say: “He is a very gracious man”, which means that he is polite and kind.

Another example could be: “She behaved in a gracious manner towards her workers.”

It is important to say that the adjective gracious usually means that someone behaves in a pleasant way toward someone who belongs to a low social status.

We can give you another example: “She was always gracious towards the beggars on the street”, which means that she behaved kindly and pleasantly towards them.

In this context some of the most important synonyms of the adjective gracious are: polite, courteous, civil, well mannered, etc.

However, it is important to know that the adjective gracious can be also associated with the Bible and can refer to divine grace.

In this context we can give you an example:

“I consider it a gracious act of God.” In this sentence instead of “a gracious act” we can say “a merciful act”.

If we take into account this meaning of the adjective gracious, we can say that its other synonyms are merciful, compassionate, forgiving, etc.


This is one of the negative adjectives starting with G. The adjective gruesome describes something that may cause repulsion and fear.

Some of the most common synonyms of this adjective are horrible, horrifying, terrible, grisly, creepy, lurid, repulsive, fearful, frightful and many others.

You will see some of the examples that will explain you better the use of this adjective:

“He committed a gruesome murder”, which means that it was a very horrible murder that causes fear and repulsion to people.

“There were many gruesome scenes in that horror movie.” It means that the scenes in the movie were terrifying and creepy.

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