Adjectives That Start With H

There are many adjectives in English that make this language even more beautiful and richer.

As you already know, adjectives are descriptive words that give us more detailed information about the nouns they go with.

Today in this text we will talk about adjectives.

More precisely, we will focus on a group of adjectives that begin with the letter H.

Actually, we are going to list a few adjectives starting with the letter H and we are going to explain you what they mean.

With each example, we will give you an explanation, in order to bring you closer to the meaning of these adjectives.

We have selected some of the most interesting and common adjectives that start with the letter H.

We hope that this text will be useful to you and that you will understand the meanings and the uses of the adjectives that we will present to you.

The Most Common Adjectives That Start With the Letter H


The adjective healthy is one of the most common adjectives that start with the letter H.

This adjective is telling us that someone is in a good condition, both mental and physical.

We can also say that someone’s health is good. Someone is not sick and doesn’t have any health problems.

We use this adjective every day and it is probably one of the most common adjectives beginning with H.

We are going to give you a couple of examples with the adjective healthy:

“Although she is old, she is very healthy for her age.” It means that she doesn’t have any health problems.

“I had health problems but now I am finally healthy.” It means that I have successfully treated all health problems and my health now is very good.

“The most important thing in life is to have positive and healthy thoughts, because what your thoughts are, that’s what your life is like.”

This sentence can also be very useful and it can help you understand the use of the adjective healthy.

In this case the adjective healthy has the meaning “good” and “positive”.

“Luckily, she gave birth and her baby is healthy.” It means that her baby doesn’t have any problems with health.

The adjective healthy can be also associated with something that is related to good health or to something that is promoting it, which you can see in the examples below:

“His appetite is healthy and there is no need to worry.”

“Her heart is healthy and I think that she will have a long life.”

“What are healthy cholesterol levels and how to control them?”

“This food contains healthy fats and you can consume it as a part of your diet.”

“Her healthy lifestyle is really admirable.”

We are sure that after all these examples you can understand in which contexts you can use the adjective healthy.

One of the most common synonyms of the adjective healthy could be “fit”, but we can also say that someone is “physically fit” or “in a good shape”.


One of descriptive words that start with H is harmless. This adjective means that someone or something is not able to cause harm.

We are going to give you many examples that can be helpful to you.

“You should not be offended. This joke was harmless.” It means that someone who made a joke didn’t want to offend you or to cause you harm.

Also, it means that someone doesn’t have an intention to hurt someone else.

“You should not be afraid of him, he is totally harmless.” It means that you don’t need to worry because he will never hit you or hurt you in any way. He is not dangerous at all.

“He looked harmless at me.” It means that there was nothing dangerous or scary in his look.

“That dog only barks but it is harmless.” It means that you don’t have to worry and to be afraid because this dog is not dangerous. He probably wants to play with you only.

“That operation is harmless and you should not be afraid.” This means that it is not a dangerous operation and that it is probably only a routine procedure.

“Even though he told you that the drug was harmless, you should never try it.”

If something is not harmless, it means that it is dangerous or toxic for you.

“I would like to have more harmless fun in my life”, which means that I would like to laugh more and to have more enjoyable situations in my life.

“He has a tumor, but we all hope that it is harmless”, which means that we all hope that this tumor is not dangerous and that it will not cause some catastrophic consequences.

In this sentence “a harmless tumor” refers to a tumor that can be successfully treated.

Some of the most common synonyms of the adjective harmless are: benign, non-dangerous, non-poisonous, mild, safe, non-toxic, gentle etc.


One of the adjectives that start with the letter H is harmful. This adjective is the antonym of the adjective harmless that we have already talked about.

According to that, we can say that the adjective harmful means that someone or something is able to harm you.

You will see a couple of examples in which we have used the adjective harmful:

“It is harmful to consume sugar in big amounts.” This means that sugar used in large quantities can be harmful to your health.

You should consume sugar only in moderate amounts, in order to keep the sugar level under control and to be healthy.

“This medicine can be harmful to pregnant women and therefore it is best to avoid it”, which means that you should not consume it if you are pregnant.

That medicine can cause you harm and have a bad influence on your pregnancy.

“This food contains harmful substances and it is best to avoid it.” It means that this food can have a negative effect on your health and therefore it is best to avoid it.

“You should not smoke because it can be very harmful for your health.” This is another example with the adjective harmful.

This sentence is telling us that it is not good for your health to smoke and you should stop doing that in order to stay healthy.

“Unfortunately the infection he got is harmful”, which means that it can cause some health issues and complications in the future. It can probably lead to some more serious disease.

“You should not trust him, because his intentions can be harmful for you”, which means that his intentions can be bad for you. He doesn’t have good intentions and you should not trust him anymore.

“There are many studies about the harmful effects of coffee, but despite that we all drink it.” It means that it is proved that coffee can have negative effects on your health, but despite it we still consume coffee.

There are many synonyms related to the adjective harmful, such as: damaging, dangerous, negative, unhealthy, unfavourable, injurious, etc.


The adjective that starts with the letter H to describe something that is associated with herbs is herbal. This adjective refers to the herbs that are used in medicine or in cooking.

We are going to give you a couple of examples that can help you understand better the adjective herbal.

Herbal remedies are the best for treating asthma.”

“This herbal tea is available only online.”

“There are many herbal supplements that you can use in your diet, such as garlic, valerian, ginger, milk thistle and many others.”

Herbal medicine comes originally from ancient cultures, but it is popular even today.”


One of the adjectives beginning with H is also helpful. This adjective describes someone who is ready to help others.

Also, this adjective can refer to things that can be useful for us in different situations.

“He is a very helpful young boy.” It means that he likes helping other people.

“You have been so helpful to us and we will reward you for that.” It means that you helped us a lot and because of that we want to give you a reward.

“There is a lot of helpful information on this website.” It means that the information on this website can help us and can be useful to us in many ways.

“This book will be certainly helpful to you”, which means that it will be useful to you and it will help you understand many important things.

“Thank you for your helpful advice”. It means that your advice helped me a lot and it was useful for me.

As you can see, the adjective helpful can be used both for things and persons, so it can be used in many different contexts and situations.


Another adjective starting with the letter H is hilarious. This adjective is used to describe something that is very amusing and funny.

Hilarious is usually a synonym of ridiculous, comical, laughable, etc.

You are going to see some examples that can help you understand the meaning of the adjective hilarious:

“This situation was hilarious”, which means that it was very funny and amusing.

“He told me a hilarious joke.” It means that a joke was very funny and all people were laughing.

We can also use this adjective to describe a person. Actually, hilarious is one of the adjectives starting with H to describe a person positively.

If someone is hilarious, it means that this person is funny and people love spending time with her.

“His brother is hilarious”, which means that it is always funny to spend time with him. He has great jokes and he has a great sense of humour.

“This book is hilarious and I cannot stop reading it.” It means that the book I am reading is very funny and I always want to read more of it.


One of descriptive words that start with the letter H is hot. This adjective is telling us that something has a very high temperature or it is heated to its maximal degree.

We are going to give you some examples:

“It is hot outside”. It means that the temperature is very high outside.

“This summer was hot and we could hardly stand the high temperatures”

You should not put hot water in this pan.”

However, you should know that the adjective hot can be used in another context as well.

It can mean that someone is attractive and very good looking. Also, the adjective hot usually has a sexual connotation.

Take a look at the next examples:

“She is a glamorous hot lady.” It means that she is very attractive to people.

“You look very hot in that dress”, which means that you look great in that dress. You must be very attractive and pretty.

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