Beautiful Words

Not sure if your own linguistic skills are up to scratch? Then you’ll find these beautiful words as the perfect ally in your quest to make others go weak at the knees with your vernacular ability.

When you find what is front of you to be too great to be expressed in words.

A word for an instant in time chosen as the beginning of a particular era.

This is a beautiful sounding word that describes a chance event that results in something positive.

Something that is the most perfect example of it’s kind.

This is a simple and nice way to say that you are quivering or trembling.

Something that sounds nice to the ear.

A person or thing that is the perfect example of a particular type or quality.

To deceive someone in a charming way.

Well worded, well written, a masterpiece in a form of speech or writing.

Did you find any of these words beautiful? Please add your beautiful words to the comments.

18 thoughts to “Beautiful Words”

  1. There are many words whose beauty insist they be seen in this list. Sorry for the volume but I couldn’t which were less beautiful to leave behind.

    gossamer – spiderlings ballooning silk
    Luscious – very pleasing to see, hear, feel, taste
    Iridescent – luster or light play
    euphoria – intense happiness
    Diaphanous – gauzy
    Effervescent – bubbles dancing upwards
    Nebulous – indistinct
    Sonorous – loud, impressive
    Ephemeral – very fleeting
    Luminescence – organic light
    Incandescent – glowing, radiant,
    melancholy – sweet sadness

  2. Beguile
    It means to deceive in a pleasant, charming way. A criminal would beguile you and then steal your car, but an insane squirrel could not.

  3. Acquiesce
    Acquiesce means to reluctantly give in, without complaint. But you may be grumpy about it!

    1. Scintilla
      A scintilla is a brilliant flash or spark that lights up the dark for only a moment.

  4. Peripheral
    Outlying, surrounding, relating to or situating on the periphery of something. Basically on the outer edge.

  5. Sanctimonious
    It sounds pretty, but has a RUDE meaning. It means… making a show of being superior to others! You would be sanctimonious if you always were patronizing and aggrandized yourself.

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