Body Parts That Start With C

If we had a single word to describe the entire human body, it would certainly be extraordinary.

Every part of our body has its role to play in keeping us alive – it’s as complex as it’s impressive.

Many of these body parts start with the letter C, which is exactly what we’ll cover throughout this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of it!

The Most Common Body Parts Beginning With C


The chin is an important part of our face, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics.

It’s an integral part of our lower jaws, which makes it crucial for chewing and talking.

Both of these actions are incredibly important for humans – talking is how we communicate with each other and chewing is how we process the food we eat.

As such, the chin makes a very interesting body part beginning with C.

Of course, we cannot ignore the visual aspect of this part of the face.

In some cultures, especially Eastern Asian ones, a small chin is seen as a sign of beauty.

Similarly, in the West, people often talk about “double-chins”, perceiving chin fat as a sign of obesity and physical unattractiveness.

The word itself is a part of many interesting proverbs and commonly used phrases in the English language.

For example, when we want to tell someone to keep a positive outlook on life, we can tell them to “keep their chin up”.

So, yes, overall, we can say that this human body part beginning with C has many interesting sides to it.


The chest is a central part of the human torso. It’s also where many important organs are located, including our hearts and lungs.

Because of this, every type of chest pain is a serious cause for concern. Our most vital organs reside in this part of our body.

As you already know, without our hearts or our lungs, we wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

Besides these organs, the chest area is where our pectoral muscles and ribs are located.

These provide support and protection to our organs, making them an important part of this area of the human body.

Female and male chests outwardly look a bit different, but they have the same functions (excluding the breasts).

Either way, the chest area is a vital human body part starting with C that we couldn’t help but place high on this list.


The cervix is the lower part of the female uterus that plays an important part during reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth.

You can look at it as the “neck” of the uterus – it’s literally what it means when you translate it from Latin.

So, the cervix is the canal through which the sperm has to travel through in order to reach the eggs.

The canal will stretch out immensely during pregnancy, and especially during childbirth.

It’s certainly an extremely important part of the female reproductive system and it’s also an interesting word beginning with C.

It’s also one of the things that separate female bodies from male bodies.

As you already know, female and male reproductive systems are vastly different, as they have different roles during procreation.

The cervix is only a part of the womb, but it’s nonetheless crucial for the creation of life.

In fact, it’s one of the most extraordinary parts of the female body.

You can learn more about the body part quite easily – there’s a plethora of research done on it that’s completely available online.


Another interesting human body part starting with C is certainly our cheeks.

They’re an essential part of our faces – located just below our eyes, spanning between our nose and ears.

Besides providing our faces with a distinctive look, they play an important part in both talking and eating.

All of this is thanks to their complex composition – they’re made out of different tissues, muscles, and glands.

As a word, this human body part beginning with C becomes even more interesting.

It’s used in a wide range of idioms and phrases. In fact, it’s even part of modern slang!

For example, we can “turn the other cheek” when we want to deal with someone who has hurt us in a non-aggressive fashion.

Similarly, when we’re making somebody look healthy, we’re actually “putting roses in their cheeks”.

In modern slang, saying “cheeks” could be translated as “buttocks”, so be careful when you use the word!


The cerebellum is one of the most interesting human body parts beginning with the letter C.

It’s the smallest part of the human brain, but it’s nonetheless extremely important to our bodies.

Without it, we wouldn’t be able to control our muscles properly, which would make our lives almost impossible.

It has the highest concentration of neurons compared to the rest of the brain.

As such, it’s an integral part of the human nervous system, and one of the most significant parts of the brain.

The word itself is also quite interesting. It comes from Latin, and it literally means “little brain”.

We could say it’s a fitting name, as it’s quite literally a small, independent part of the brain that has its own unique functionalities.

It’s almost as if it’s a separate organ responsible for movement and muscle control.

Either way, it’s one of the most fascinating human body parts starting with C, so we just had to cover it in our list.


The back area of the human leg is called the calf.

It starts with the letter C, but that’s not the only interesting thing about this body part.

The calf muscles provide support to our entire body, helping us walk, stand, and run.

They’re connected to the heel through the Achilles tendon, and as we’ve said before, they play a very important role in the human body.

Besides the human body part, the word calf (and plural calves) is also used to describe young cows.

While the two words are identical, they actually have a very different etymology.

Since the English language has its roots in many other languages, it’s safe to say that these two words were derived from two completely different languages.

Over time, and with the evolution of the language, we’ve simply started pronouncing and spelling them in an identical way.

Either way, calves (the body part) are an essential part of our legs, and as such, an extremely significant part of our body.

The stronger our calf muscles are, the faster we’re able to run, and the longer we’re able to stand.


The collarbone has many important functions in our body: it stabilizes our shoulders, protects our blood vessels, and provides support to our entire torso.

As the name suggests, it’s quite literally a bone located just below the neck area – almost like a collar.

Its scientific name, which is in Latin, also begins with C – doctors and medical scientists would call it the Clavicula.

When translated to English, it means “little key”, which is closely related to the anatomy of the collarbone.

It rotates along its axis, just like a key, when we raise our shoulders and arms.

In the English language, it is also commonly known as the “beauty bone” due to its association with thinness.

No matter what you decide to call it, we can freely say that it’s an important part of the human anatomy, and as such, should certainly be appreciated for its functions.


Humans have four canine teeth – two in the upper part of our mouths, and two in the bottom part of our mouths.

They’re extremely important for biting and chewing. Without these pointy teeth, we wouldn’t be able to bite down hard and crunchy foods.

To put it simply, if we didn’t have canines, eating apples, for example, would be extremely difficult, if not impossible!

Canine teeth are named after dogs, as they closely resemble their fangs.

Of course, they’re not as sharp nor as long as the dogs’ fangs, but they’re still longer and sharper than the rest of our teeth.

Either way, just like all human teeth, canine teeth are prone to various dental issues, so we have to make sure to take good care of them.

Other body parts beginning with C

Colic Vein


Cranial Galli



Cervical Cartilage

Cranial Muscles




Circle Tunnel

Carotid Bone


Cephalic Artery









Carotid Nerve


Carpal Cavity

Cranial Willis

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