Body Parts That Start With D

All parts of the human body are closely connected to each other, creating one of the most beautifully complex systems in the known universe – the human body.

There’s not a single part of us that we can call unimportant – each and every body part plays a significant role in keeping us alive.

Interestingly, many of these body parts begin with the letter D, which is exactly what we’ll examine throughout this article.

So, without any further ado, get ready to learn about some of the most common body parts beginning with D!

Most Common Body Parts Beginning With D

Digestive system

The human digestive system is more than just a singular body part.

As the name suggests, it is a system consisting of a large number of vital organs relevant to the provision of the necessary nutrition that our body needs to function.

Even though we cannot characterize it as a “body part” per se, it can still be viewed as such when the entirety of the body is considered.

As we’ve already mentioned before, the digestive system is responsible for everything that has to do with nutrition: from the moment food enters our body until the moment it gets absorbed by our organs.

The crucial parts of the digestive system include the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine.

We don’t need to talk about the importance of digestion for overall human health – without a way to absorb nutrients, none of our organs would be able to function.

Food is like fuel to a human being. It provides our body with the energy it needs for us to survive.

So, overall, the digestive system is certainly one of the most interesting parts of the human body beginning with D.


Ducts or tear ducts are small canals that transport our tears throughout our eyelids.

As a minor, as they seem in the grand scheme of things, their role in the human body shouldn’t be underestimated.

Imagine how different would our life be if we could never shed a tear.

In a long run, this kind of life would lead to emotional and psychological ruin – crying provides our minds with relief after going through something painful or saddening.

Apart from that, tears are a natural reflex used to protect our eyes by getting rid of excess liquid and harmful particles that may come in contact with our eyeballs.

To sum it up, without this amazing body part beginning with D, humans wouldn’t be able to cry.

The inability to cry would have a huge negative impact on our overall health and well-being.

Because of this, the importance of tear ducts cannot be denied.

Either way, if you’d like to learn more about the anatomy of these extraordinary tunnels, you can find detailed studies online.


Dimples are considered to be an attractive facial feature in many parts of the world.

Not everyone has dimples – they’re closely related to your genetics.

If your parents have dimples, you’re more likely to have them yourself.

In essence, dimples are just small indentations found on your skin.

Even though facial dimples are the most common type, dimples can occur anywhere on the body.

They’re certainly an interesting phenomenon, but as we said before, not everyone has them.

They don’t actually serve any function apart from the visual one we talked about earlier.

Luckily for people who have them, they don’t affect the body in a negative manner.

In fact, as we briefly mentioned before, they’re quite desirable in some parts of the world.

Some people who don’t have them decide to get them via plastic surgery – that’s how desirable they are nowadays!

So, if you do have some dimples, it’s certainly something to be proud of.

Whatever the case, they’re certainly an interesting body part starting with D we love to see.


You’ve probably never used this word to describe your toes and fingers.

However, human digits are exactly that – distal parts of your limbs, otherwise known as fingers and toes.

More so, they’re body parts that start with the letter D, which is exactly what we’re interested in!

Not all languages have separate names for the digits of the foot and digits of the hand.

In fact, most languages use a singular name to describe this body part.

So, if you ever need a word to describe both your toes and fingers while you’re translating from, let’s say, Turkish, you’ll simply use “digits”.

Either way, these body parts are extremely important for the human body.

Without our fingers and toes, our arms and legs wouldn’t be as functional as we need them to be.

Walking, for example, would be much more difficult.

Grabbing and holding onto things would become almost impossible.

This is why these human body parts beginning with D are so integral to our daily lives.


There’s nothing more important to human life than our ability to breathe.

Without oxygen, we simply wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

One of the parts of our body responsible for breathing is called the Diaphragm.

It’s a respiratory muscle that contracts and expands every time we inhale and exhale.

Essentially, the diaphragm is what pushes and pulls our lungs to get them working.

If humans didn’t have this muscle, they wouldn’t be able to live – it’s as simple as that.

Only four minutes without any oxygen is enough to leave a person with permanent brain damage – that’s how important our diaphragm is!

It’s also where hiccups come from – your diaphragm spasming.

Another interesting thing about the human diaphragm is that it’s a bit asymmetrical, which is not the case with many other species.

It’s also one of the rare muscles that can be controlled both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Either way, it’s an integral part of our body that keeps us alive every day, and as such, certainly deserves its spot on this shortlist.


As you already know, our skin is the biggest organ in our body.

It consists of three layers: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

The dermis is one of the inner layers of the skin, just below the epidermis.

It’s responsible for nourishing the outer layer, and as such, plays a vital part in our everyday lives.

As you know, our skin acts as a protector of the entirety of the human body.

Without it, our vital organs and systems would be completely exposed to external dangers.

The word itself comes from Greek, and it quite literally translates as skin.

We can easily say it’s one of the most important parts of the “biggest human organ”, as it provides our skin with everything it needs to stay elastic and soft.

It’s also the thickest part of the skin, consisting of many types of elastic and fibrous tissue.

Of course, it’s just one of the many body parts that begin with the letter D – you can learn many more if you keep on reading!


Deltoids are yet another human body part beginning with D that we’ll talk about in this article.

They’re very important muscles located in the shoulder that play a plethora of important functions in our body.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to move our arms in multiple directions, which would limit our movement in a major way.

They can be characterized as skeletal muscles, as they’re connected to the bones located in our shoulders.

They get their name from their shape, which closely resembles the Greek letter Delta (Δ).

So, if we were to describe deltoids, we would certainly characterize them as triangular muscles that play a big part in keeping our arms mobile.


The term “disc” is short for the intervertebral disc, which is essentially a part of your body that separates all spinal bones.

You can also view them as small cushions that provide support and protection to your spine.

Without discs to separate the bones of the spine, we wouldn’t be able to move a lot either.

They’re an essential part of our body, as they prevent injuries to our spine.

Without them, our spinal bones would be much easier to break and our movement would be quite limited.

So, overall, we can freely say that intervertebral discs represent a core part of our body that every human should be grateful for.

Other Body Parts Beginning With D












Deep chin






Digestive fin

Deltoid tract

Dorsal Daemen




Digestive tissue track

Dorsal muscle


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