Body Parts That Start With F

Our body is made up of many parts that are in harmony and work perfectly in coordination with each other.

In this article we will talk about body parts that start with the letter F.

We will tell you which parts of the body start with F and where they are located on our bodies.

We will tell you some basic features of these body parts, but also some interesting information related to them.

Maybe you didn’t know, but certain parts of our bodies can have a symbolic meaning and say a lot about us.

If you are interested in the study of the human body and if you want to hear what certain parts of our body can symbolize, then read this article carefully.

As we have already said, you are going to see now the most important parts of the body that start with the letter F.

Most Common Body Parts That Start With F


Face is one of the basic parts of our body. Face is a part of our body that is visible to everyone.

Therefore, we cannot hide our face and everyone recognizes us by our faces.

Your face is what actually gives you your identity. That is one of the reasons why we say that the face is one of the basic parts of our body.

It is believed that our face can say a lot about our character.

Sometimes it’s enough just to see someone’s face and to immediately know what kind of person he/she is.

As we all know, the face represents the front of the head and there are many other body parts on the face.

The face has eyes with eyebrows and eyelashes, mouth, nose, cheeks and forehead.

Of course, the face is shaped from bones that can be arranged differently, so we talk about different face shapes.

The face can be round, square, oblong or oval. Different people have different face shapes that make them unique.

Apart from these basic and anatomical facts related to the face, there are also many other interesting things about this body part.

It is important to know that facial skin is of particular importance and must be cared for regularly.

There are various preparations and creams that are used to treat the skin of the face in order to keep it smooth and tight.

As the face ages, wrinkles and age spots appear on it, which can also be successfully treated with various preparations and cosmetic treatments.

It is also important to say that pimples often appear on the face, and there are people who genetically have freckles on the face.

Another interesting thing related to the face is that with the help of our faces we have the opportunity to communicate non-verbally with people.

Therefore, the face allows us to make various grimaces, each of which has its own meaning.

Based on the facial expressions we make and the grimaces we make, someone can understand what we want to say, without having to say anything.


Forehead is also one of the body parts that start with the letter F.

Forehead is actually the part of our face that is located above our eyebrows.

There is a hairline on the top of the forehead. Due to various grimaces or due to aging, wrinkles appear on the forehead very often.

We already talked about the face and the forehead is only one part of the face.

However, the forehead can also say a lot about a person’s character, and we’ll tell you something more about that.

It is interesting that in many cultures the forehead is considered a symbol of intelligence.

More precisely, people who have a high forehead are believed to be above average intelligent.

Besides, it is believed that people who are active and enterprising, that is, people who are responsible and always ready for action, have a high and long forehead.

People with high and long forehead are usually leaders and have jobs where they represent authority.

Such people are very ambitious and ready to take the initiative at any moment.

If you have a high and long forehead, then you must be very successful in business and it is easy for you to achieve success in all fields of your life.

On the other hand, it is believed that people with a low and little forehead are not so enterprising and they lack energy.

They are people with high potential, but quite passive.

In addition, such people are usually shy and insecure about themselves.

However, one of the good characteristics of people with a short and wide forehead is that they are quite persistent and they do not give up even if it is difficult to achieve a goal.

However, they are quite modest and do not have big goals in life.

The next group of people are those who have a narrow forehead. It is believed that these people are quite cold and stubborn.

People with a narrow forehead always make decisions rationally and do not allow emotions to prevail in their lives.

Some studies have proven that the largest number of scientists in the world have narrow foreheads.

It is believed that there are people who have an M-shaped forehead as well.

Some studies have shown that people with this shape of a forehead are very creative.

A large number of painters, musicians, actors and other artists have this type of forehead.

It is believed that people with this type of a forehead are not only creative, but they are also quite romantic and sensitive by nature.

Also, the forehead can be in the shape of a square, so such people are usually rational, practical and cautious.

This is especially the case with men who have this shape of a forehead.

On the other side, if women have a square forehead, then they are usually dominant and very energetic.

In addition to all these forms of the forehead, it is important to say that many people have scars or some other defects on the forehead that represent a symbol of bad luck in life.


Another part of the body that starts with the letter F is a finger. Fingers are actually limbs on our hands.

The hand has 5 fingers, which are a thumb, an index finger, a middle finger, a ring finger and a little finger.

The fingers are made up of bones called phalanges. All fingers can flex and extend independently of each other.

Fingers are often used in so-called non-verbal communication, i.e. a lot can be shown with the help of fingers.

For example, we can give a thumb up if we like something or as a sign of agreeing to something.


Another body part starting with the letter F is a forearm. This body part is located between the wrist and the elbow.

The muscles of the forearm are very important and the movement of the hand itself depends on them, i.e. twisting and bending of the hand and fingers.

The forearm is an important part of the body, but it is quite sensitive and prone to fractures.


The foot is the lower extremity of the leg that is located below the ankle. All of us have two feet and they serve us to stand on them.

Even in a figurative sense, feet are considered to be a symbol of support, balance and stability.

We use our feet whenever we stand up, when we walk, when we run, so without feet any movement would be impossible.

Therefore, the foot is one of the most important parts of the human body. There are actually three parts of the foot – the forefoot, the midfoot and the hindfoot.

On the forefoot there are 5 toes and a large number of bones and muscles. The midfoot consists of many bones, while the ankle and the heel are forming the hindfoot.

A very important part of a foot is a sole and it is located on the bottom of the foot.

Fallopian tube

Finally, we will mention a very important organ of our body that begins with the letter F.

More precisely, this organ is characteristic of women and their reproductive system.

This is the so-called Fallopian tube. It is normal for a woman to have two Fallopian tubes.

These organs are like tubes that extend between the ovaries and the uterus.

It is important to know that an ovum or an egg is going through these tubes on their way from an ovary to the uterus.

Other Body Parts Starting With F

Facial hair



Fanny bone


Femur bone







Front lobe

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