Body Parts That Start With L

The human body is a harmonious whole that is composed of many body parts.

There are also numerous organs in the body and each of them has its own function, but they all work together as a whole.

This text will be dedicated to the parts of the body that begin with the letter L.

We will mention several parts of the body and organs that begin with the letter L and we will explain where they are located on the body and what their function is.

There are many body parts starting with L and it will be interesting to you to discover them!

Most Common Body Parts That Start With L


The lungs are the first body part that we are going to mention in this text.

The lungs are one of the most important organs in the entire human body and they are located in the chest.

Their basic function is to enable breathing for all vertebrates, including humans.

The lungs are actually the most important part of our respiratory system.

The main function of the lungs is to transfer oxygen from the atmosphere to the bloodstream, that is, to transfer carbon dioxide from the blood to the atmosphere.

In humans, the lungs are also the main organ of respiration and one of the most important organs in the whole body.

The human lungs are made up of left and right lung. Both lungs are covered by the so-called pleural tissue that protects them.

The lungs work by inhaling and exhaling air. Apart from the lungs, the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and other chest muscles also participate in breathing movements.

Although lungs are very important organs in our body, it is interesting that we can live with one lung, too.

If one of the lungs doesn’t function well and if it needs to be removed, people can live with the other lung only, of course if it is functional and healthy.

Another interesting fact related to lungs is that you should exercise regularly, in order to increase the capacity of your lungs.


Another body part that starts with the letter L and that we are going to present you in this text are the lips.

Lips are the part of the oral cavity and they cover its front part.

Each person has an upper and a lower lip that form the mouth opening, which represents the beginning of the digestive tract.

Lips are movable and soft and when we open them we can take in food and we can also speak.

Each lip has a front side, a back side and a free edge. On the front side of the lips there is skin, that is, the skin actually covers the lips.

The back of the lip is covered with mucous membrane, which is part of the oral mucosa. The free edge is thicker, raised and pink in colour.

The free edge is thickest in the middle and then becomes thinner and joins the free edge of the opposite lip, thus forming the corner of the mouth.

There are also muscles on the lips that are a type of the muscles related to facial expression.

It is also interesting to say that human lips are used for kissing and they are one of the erogenous zones on the human body.

It is known that lips are very sensitive to cold and warmth. Also, if someone touches your lips, they can be very sensitive.

When it comes to culture and society, lips have been seen as a symbol of sexuality and sensuality since long time ago.

Lips have their place in cosmetics as well. There are many products that are used for lips, such as lip balm, lipstick, etc.

Many people, both men and women, have piercings on their lips. Lip piercing is mostly worn decoratively, although sometimes it can have some symbolic meaning for the person who wears it.

Also, many women opt for lip augmentation surgery to make their lips look more attractive and sensual.


There is an organ in our body that is very important and that starts with the letter L. It is the liver.

It is located in the upper right part of the abdomen, between the diaphragm and the stomach.

The liver is the largest organ in the abdominal cavity and it is very important for the functioning of the entire organism.

The liver is a soft organ of a brown-red colour and weighs 1200-1600 g in an adult man.

The word liver comes from the Greek word hepar, so medical terms that have to do with the liver, usually begin with the prefix hepato-.

For example, hepatology is the branch of gastrology that studies the function and diseases of the liver, while hepatomegaly is the medical term for liver enlargement.

There are also many other medical terms that start with hepato– and that are related to liver.

The liver is a very important organ in humans and has numerous functions in the body.

In fact, the liver performs protein synthesis, but also creates biochemical molecules that are important for digestion.

The liver plays a very important role in the work of metabolism because it helps the body to detoxify, and it is known that the liver produces bile, which has a very important role when it comes to digestion.

Also, the liver serves to store nutrients and to neutralize harmful substances.

We have mentioned above that when the liver is enlarged, which means that it is bigger than normal liver, the medical term we use in this case is hepatomegaly.

This condition occurs often and can have many different causes.

One of the most common causes of liver enlargement is a liver disease, but sometimes it may be something that has nothing to do with the liver.

Actually, the primary condition that causes liver enlargement can be heart problem, most commonly congestive heart failure.

Also, it happens sometimes that cancer is the cause of an enlarged liver.

Anyway, it is important to seek medical help if you notice any of the symptoms typical for liver enlargement, such as abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, etc.

One of the common symptoms in the case of liver disease could be yellowing of the skin.

It is important to find the real cause of liver enlargement in order to treat it in the right way.


There is another body part that starts with the letter L and that is very important. It is actually one of the extremities in the body and we use it every day. It is the leg.

As you probably know, legs are the lower extremities of the body that bear the weight of the entire body. Legs maintain stability when moving and are a support for the whole body.

Legs are paired organs and have a cylindrical shape. The leg is covered with muscles and skin, which gives it great mobility.

The human leg consists of several segments, and at the bottom of the leg is the foot. In some animals, the foot is not considered a part of the leg, but a separate structure.

Besides foot, the human leg includes thigh, knee and ankle. Sometimes the hip is also considered as a part of the leg.

The part of the leg that is located between the ankle and the knee is called the lower leg. The part between the knee and the hip is called the thigh.

The leg is usually called “lower extremity” or “lower limb”.

Leg pain is quite common, and the causes can be different. Sometimes the cause of leg pain is excessive physical activity, standing still for too long, vein problems, injuries, etc.

In any case, the cause should be discovered and treated in time.

Legs must be strong and stable because they maintain the stability of the whole body and they enable movement.


Limbs are also a body part that begins with the letter L. We talk about extremities or limbs when we study the anatomy of the human body.

The upper limbs are the arms and the lower limbs are the legs and they are connected to the torso.

A person uses the lower limbs to move, while the upper limbs are used to perform some common activities during the day. We use the upper limbs to eat, write, hold something etc.

Other Body Parts Starting With L

Labia majora

Large intestine




Left arm

Left foot

Left leg

Left lung

Left shoulder

Left ventricle

Little finger



Lower abdomen

Lower back

Lumbar spine

Lymph node

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