Body Parts That Start With O

People have always been interested in studying the anatomy of the body.

First of all, many people find it particularly interesting to study the anatomy of the human body.

Whether you are studying medicine or not, you must have always been interested in hearing what parts of the body exist and what their functions are.

You have probably heard of the most body parts, but there may be also some parts of the body that you haven’t heard of yet or you know very little about them.

In this text we are going to talk about the parts of the body that start with the letter O.

There aren’t many body parts that start with this letter and you will probably only be able to think of 2 or maybe 3 body parts that start with this letter.

However, we have prepared a text for you in which we will describe several parts of the body that begin with the letter O.

In addition to the ovaries, which are the most important organs in the female reproductive system, we will mention lesser-known parts of the body and we will explain why they are important.

If you are interested in knowing which parts of the body start with the letter O, then you should continue reading this text and enjoy getting to know the human body.

Most Common Body Parts That Start With O

Outer Ear

The first body part that starts with the letter O is the outer ear. Actually, the ear consists of the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. We are going to talk now about the outer ear.

The outer or external ear is the outer part of the ear whose function is to receive sound waves from the external environment.

Also, the outer ear has the function of determining where these sound waves are coming from and conducting them into the inner ear.

The outer ear consists of the auricle or earlobe and the external ear canal.

Also, one part of the outer ear is the eardrum or tympanic membrane, although according to some theories the eardrum belongs to the middle ear.

More precisely, the eardrum is located between the outer and the middle ear.


Ovaries are female body parts that begin with the letter O. Ovaries are paired female organs and their function is to produce eggs and to secrete certain hormones.

Actually, the hormones that ovaries produce are estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are typical female hormones and their role in female body is very important.

Estrogen and progesterone have an important role when it comes to pregnancy and fertility in general.

Also, these hormones are important for menstrual cycle and they play an important role in the development of female breast.

It is also important to mention that the hormones estrogen and progesterone can affect the shape of a female body and they can have an influence on body hair in women.

The ovary has an oval shape and looks like an almond. The ovary usually has a length of 3 to 5 cm, while its width is 1.5 to 3 cm.

The ovaries are located at the ends of the fallopian tubes. They are located on both sides of the uterus in the bottom of the abdominal cavity.

When women enter the climax, the ovary stops producing eggs, thus ending the woman’s fertile period. In later years, the ovaries in women decrease and become smaller.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common disease in women when it comes to reproductive organs.

It is a hormone disease that leads to the absence of ovulation and menstrual cycle disorders.

Polycystic ovary syndrome can sometimes lead to infertility, too.

In addition, women who have a problem with polycystic ovaries often have an increased level of male hormones, which leads to increased hairiness, hair loss, accumulation of fatty tissue in the abdominal area, etc.

The exact cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is unknown and treatment methods are different.

Oral cavity

The next part of the body that starts with the letter O is the oral cavity.

The oral cavity is the initial part of the digestive tract that begins with the mouth opening. Mechanical processing of food is carried out in the oral cavity.

At the end of the oral cavity is the pharynx. In addition, there are several other organs in the oral cavity that have an important function in the system of digestion, but also in vocalization.

The organs located in the oral cavity are the lips, teeth, gums, tongue and salivary glands.

There are also some other parts of the oral cavity, such as the lining in the inner side of the cheeks.

All parts of the oral cavity have an important role in both speech and mastication.

Ocular cavity

Another body part that starts with the letter O is the ocular cavity or the orbital cavity.

All ocular structures are located in this cavity and they are membranes, the optic nerve, orbital fat, muscles, bones and many other tissues.

The ocular cavity is also called the orbital cavity because orbits are the bones that separate the cavities.

It is important to say that the ocular cavity is not only a frame, but it is much more than that. The ocular cavity has a great role in eye protection and good vision.

Fortunately, there are not so many diseases that can affect the ocular cavity, but when it happens there are eye orbit experts who can treat these problems.

It is important to treat such problems in time in order to protect eye health.

Optic nerve

The next body part that we are going to mention has to do with your eyes and with your vision in general.

Actually, we are going to talk about the optic nerve. As you can see, this is another body part that starts with the letter O.

The optic nerve is a very important part of the central nervous system. Actually, it has a vital function for your eyesight.

The optic nerve represents the second cranial nerve and it is important to know that there is the optic nerve in each eye. The optic nerve is always located at the back of the eye.

This nerve is made up of nerve fibers that help us see and that are sending visual messages to our brain.

More precisely, the optic nerve has the function to transmit the electrical impulses from the eyes to the brain.

It is important to know that there are millions of nerve fibers in each optic nerve.

This nerve starts from the back of the eyeball, breaks through the choroid and sclera, and enters the eye socket.

After that, the optic nerve spreads through the fatty tissue of the eye socket, and enters the bony optic canal.

But, before entering the optic canal, the optic nerve joins the central retinal artery and the so-called ophthalmic artery.

After passing through the optic canal, the optic nerve enters the middle cranial fossa, then extends backwards to the optic junction.

It is precisely at that place where the fibers of the left and right nerves cross with each other.

It is important to note that the optic nerve has an outer sheath and an inner sheath on its way through the eye socket and the optic canal.

After travelling through the optic canal, the optic nerve comes into the skull.

However, there are many disorders and conditions that can affect the optic nerve. They can damage the optic nerve, which can affect your vision.

We are going to mention a couple of these conditions, such as glaucoma, optic atrophy, congenital abnormalities, optic nerve coloboma, optic nerve gliomas, optic neuritis, etc.

There are many symptoms of the optic nerve disorders, such as pain in your eye, headaches, night blindness as well as colour blindness, vomiting, nausea, etc.

Sometimes you may also have a feeling that something rings in your ears and this condition is known as tinnitus.

In the most serious cases the conditions of the optic nerve can lead to peripheral vision loss or even to complete loss of your vision.

Because of that it is very important to take it seriously and to treat optic nerve disorders in time.

In order to prevent any problems with the optic nerves, it is recommended to exam your eyes regularly.

Other Body Parts Starting With O


Occipital lobe

Occipital nerve

Ocular bone

Ocular membrane

Ocular vein


Oil gland

Olfactory gland

Olfactory organs

Optical lobe

Oral gland

Orbital socket

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