Cities That Start With E

The topic of this text will be all the cities that begin with the letter E.

They can be found in different countries, regions and continents, and what they have in common is that they all start with the letter E.

Have you ever wondered which cities start with the letter E? Did you ever need a list of cities starting with this letter for business purposes or maybe for fun?

In any case, you will have the opportunity now to find out which cities start with the letter E and what they are known for.

The first thing that we have to say is that there are not many famous and big cities with the initial letter E.

However, we have made a list of a few cities that you have probably heard of and that are famous around the world.

We will tell you where these cities are located and what is typical for each of them.

We will also talk about the population in these cities, as well as about the level of development of industry and other areas.

Of course, for each city we will list some of the most popular places and institutions worth visiting.

Finally, we will tell you how safe each of these cities is to visit as a tourist.

We hope that with our help you will be able to create some picture of all these cities that we have prepared for you, which start with the letter E.

However, that is not all. At the end, we will also give you a list with all the other cities that we have not mentioned, but they also start with the letter E.

We will not discuss those cities in detail, but we will certainly tell you in which countries they are located.

We hope that you will enjoy this text and that it will motivate you to think about cities that start with the letter E.

You may not be able to remember them at this moment, but with our help you will certainly remember a couple of cities starting with E.

You are going to see now a short description of the most popular cities that start with E.

The Most Popular Cities That Start With the Letter E

Essen. The first city that we are going to talk about in this text is Essen. As you can see, its name starts with the letter E and because of that this city is on our list.

First of all we have to tell you that the Ruhr is a very large urban area in Germany and also one of the largest urban areas in the whole Europe. Essen is located precisely in this area.

Actually, when it comes to size of the city, Essen is on the second place in the Ruhr. Of course, Dortmund takes the first place when it comes to this German urban area.

Essen has around 579 432 inhabitants, so when it comes to population, it takes the fourth place in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The first three places belong to Dortmund, Cologne and Dusseldorf, which are the most populous cities in this German state.

When we talk about the exact location of Essen, we can say that this city lies in the large metropolitan area called Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region.

This city takes the central position in the Ruhr and it is one of the most important cultural centres in this area, but also in the whole Germany.

We will talk a little more about the geography of this German city. There are two rivers that are flowing through Essen and their names are the Emscher and the Ruhr River.

Essen is an important commercial centre of Germany. It is said that the most important energy providers in the whole Germany are located in Essen.

In the past Essen was a very important industrial centre and it was known for the production of steel and also for the coal mining.

However, in recent years Essen turned to a very modern city and urban centre. Another positive thing is that the rate of crime in this city is very low, so it is a very safe city to live.

Also, tourists are always welcome in this beautiful German city. There are many places and institutions that you should visit if you come to Essen sometimes.

Apart from modern business that is developed in Essen, especially in the recent years, this city is also known for its educational and cultural inheritance. Very often Essen is called a university city.

There are three universities in Essen and the University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the best universities not only in Essen but also in Germany.

Top sights in Essen that you should visit are UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein, Museum Folkwang, Ruhr Museum, Aalto Theatre, Essen Minster, Red Dot Design Museum, Colosseum Theater, Alte Synagoge, Grugapark Essen, etc.

These are only some of the places that are worth visiting if you come to Essen.

In addition, for all lovers of nature, we have to mention that Essen has a lot of greenery and it is ranked third in the region in terms of greenery.

It is undoubtedly one of the greenest cities located in the Ruhr region. Apart from that, you can also enjoy shopping in Essen, as well as visiting exhibitions and other artistic and cultural events in this city.

In any case, we can say that Essen has everything that a city can offer to tourists, but also to those who live there.

Erfurt. Another city that we are going to mention in this text is also located in Germany. Actually, it is the capital of Thuringia.

Thuringia is one of the states of Germany and it is located in its central part. Erfurt is also known by the name Bachstadt.

When it comes to population, in the year 2019 Erfurt had 213 699 inhabitants.

Erfurt is famous for many things and events that happened in history. One of the most important facts is that Martin Luther studied in this city and became a monk there.

Because of that it is usually said that the Protestant Reformation began in Erfurt. Apart from that, there are also many other historic facts that make this city famous.

Erfurt is known for its old town that is very well preserved. It is one of the most important medieval cities in the whole Germany.

It is especially recommended to visit the old city of Erfurt. There are many things that you can see in this part of the city and you can simply feel its history.

There are many synagogues and other popular landmarks.

For example the Petersberg is a popular fortress that was built in the 17th century and it is located in the old city.

There are many touristic attractions in Erfurt, such as the Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ Bridge), Erfurt Cathedral, Domplatz, Augustinerkloster, Zitadelle Petersberg, Fischmarkt, Old Sinagogue, Egapark, Wenigemarkt, Angermuseum, etc.

One of the most popular manifestations in Erfurt is the Krämerbrückenfest that attracts many tourists every year. This fest is a cultural highlight in Erfurt.

Erfurt is one of the greenest cities in Germany with many parks and green areas, so if you visit this city, you will love walking around and you will enjoy its nature.

It is interesting that there are many bridges in Erfurt. At the moment there are 142 bridges in this city.

Like most other German cities, Erfurt is also considered to be safe for tourists, as well as for locals.

However, there was a big crime and tragedy in Erfurt in the year 2022. Actually, in April 2022 there was a massacre in one school in Erfurt.

It happened that one student who was expelled from school killed 16 people. It was a terrible tragedy and unfortunately many people know Erfurt precisely because of that terrible event.

However, we have already said that Erfurt is generally safe for living and the crime rate is not high. The atmosphere in Erfurt is familiar and peaceful.

Erlangen. Another German city also starts with the letter E and it is Erlangen. This city is located in the German state Bavaria, which means that it is in the south part of Germany.

In the year 2022 there were around 116 062 inhabitants in Erlangen.

In the past Erlangen was known for the production of drapery and hats. Nowadays there is a modern industry in this city that is based on the production of computer software.

As many German cities, Erlangen has its old and new town.

Top sights that you should visit in Erlangen are Margrave Palace, Orangerie, Aromagarten, Schlossgarten, Erlangen Botanical Garden, Marktplatz, Siemens MedMuseum, Stadtmuseum and many others.

There is also a university in Erlangen that is on the second place in Bavaria. It is the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) that is a public research university.

Erlangen is a good city for living and it is not very expensive. However, there is a good living standard in this city.

Erlangen is a safe city, so you don’t have to worry if you want to visit it as a tourist.

Edinburgh. The next city that we are going to mention in this text is Edinburgh. This city also starts with E and it belongs to our list of the cities starting with this letter.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and it is on the second place when it comes to population in this country. The most populous city in Scotland is Glasgow.

Edinburgh occupies the 7th place when it comes to population in the United Kingdom. This city has around 554 000 inhabitants in its metro area.

The Scottish Government as well as the Scottish Parliament are located in this city. Also, the highest courts of Scotland have their seat in Edinburgh.

Since the oldest times, Edinburgh was a very important educational centre. It is especially important to mention the literature, medicine, philosophy and sciences that are very developed in this city.

Edinburgh is also known for engineering and medicine. Also, this city is a very important financial centre not only in Scotland, but also in the whole United Kingdom.

Due to its cultural and historical attractions, Edinburgh is favorite among tourists. Millions of people come every year to visit this beautiful city.

There are many sights that you should see if you visit Edinburgh.

For example, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Vaults, the Chocolatarium, The Edinburgh Dungeon, Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, Firth of Forth, Edinburgh Zoo, etc.

You should also know that Edinburgh is an expensive city. Actually, it is one of the most expensive places in the United Kingdom.

The rate of crime in Edinburgh is low, so it is one of the safest cities in Scotland, but also in the United Kingdom.

Also, you should know that Edinburgh is a very friendly city, so we can say that it is worth visiting.

Esmeraldas. Now we come to another part of the world and we present you Esmeraldas.

This city is located in the northwest part of Ecuador and it is the capital of a province called Esmeraldas Province.

Esmeraldas is a city with a developed industry, agriculture and commerce. It is known for warm temperatures and beautiful beaches.

Esmeraldas is one of the most popular touristic places in Ecuador, but also in Latin America in general.

This city is known for its gastronomy that has high quality. Delicacies from Esmeraldas are favorite among tourists and they are usually based on wild animals as well as on seafood.

Esmeraldas is also known for a big seaport that is the most important in this part of Ecuador.

When it comes to sport, this city is famous because many football players who come originally from Esmeraldas have played in the national football team of Ecuador.

Top sights of this city are Museo Regional de Arqueologia, Las Palmas Beach, Isla Luis Vargas Torres, Parque Central, etc.

Other Cities Starting With E

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East Village (United States)

Ecatepec de Morelos (Mexico)

Edmonton (Canada)

Eger (Hungary)

Ejido (Venezuela)

Elbasan (Albania)

Eldoret (Kenya)

Elizabeth (United States)

Elk (Poland)

El Eulma (Algeria)

El Paso (United States)

El Tigre (Venezuela)

Ekpoma (Nigeria)

Embu (Kenia)

Emin (China)

Enugu (Nigeria)

Envigado (Colombia)

Erbaa (Turkey)

Erbil (Iraq)

Erode (India)

Eunapolis (Brazil)

Escondido (California)

Esenler (Turkey)

Esher (United Kingdom)

Espoo (Finland)

Esteli (Nicaragua)

Etawah (India)

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