Cool Sounding Words

We already have huge lists of cool slang and dictionary words, so this page is dedicated to cool sounding words. The words in the list are not necessarily “cool” because of their meaning, but they should sound cool when spoken. Be sure add your cool sounding words in the comments.

List of Cool Sounding Words

Cappuccino (italian coffee)

Colloquium (a gathering for discussion)

Glockenspiel (a type of musical instrument)

Gossamer (a film of cobweb in air)

Insouciant (carefree)

Kleptomaniac (someone that can’t stop stealing)

Nonchalant (careless)

Obstreperous (noisy and hard to control)

Soiree (an evening party)

Sorghum (a type of grass)

Succinct (concise)

Superfluous (excessive)

Syzygy (configuration of the Sun, Earth and Moon during an eclipse)

Vivisection (experimental surgery done on live animals)

Xenomorphic (to have a strange form)

Those are 15 of some of our favorite cool sounding words,, feel free to add more in the comments section.

18 thoughts to “Cool Sounding Words”

  1. Lozenge – One of my favourite English words… There’s something about the ZENGE part that sounds so cool to me.

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