Cool Spanish Words

Looking for cool words in Spanish? Below you will find a list of cool Spanish words that you may not learn in a classroom. These words are spoken in Spain, they may or may not be used in other countries.

List of Cool Spanish Words

Amor – a loving nickname you say to another person. Usually the one you love. It is also the word for love.

Amorfo – can be used to refer to an ugly person. It literally means without form.

Achuchar – to hug someone to the point that they can´t breath.

Acojonar – to frighten someone to the extreme.

Agobio – when someone feels overwhelmed.

Estar acojonado – to feel tremendous fear caused by somebody else.

Arpía – a girl with very bad intentions .

Mala leche – to do something with bad intentions.

A saco paco – to do something without thinking and very fast.

Botellón – a meeting with friends in a park or public place with a lot of alcohol involved.

Estar de bajón – to feel very depressed and unwilling to do anything.

Borracho/a – someone that had too much to drink.

Ser bestial – to be the best at something.

Bocazas – a person with a big mouth.

Buitre – a person who hoards everything.

Bien dotao – a person who has everything perfect.

Cabrón – the male goat or someone that is playing a practical joke to another person.

Cachas – one who is all muscle.

Cuatro ojos – anyone who wears glasses. Also known as “Gafotas”.

Chulo – a person that thinks he´s so Macho.

Comerse un marrón – to get into a lot of trouble

Descojonarse de la risa – to laugh hysterically.

Demente – someone that is crazy.

Empollón/a – a young person who studies all the time and has no social life.

Forrarse – to become rich in an instant.

Perro faldero – one that follows you around all the time like a dog.

Guay – very colloquial Spanish saying to express that we really like something.

Guiri – non Spaniard, mostly used for tourists.

Gorrón – one that´s always begging for something and getting away with it.

Antro – a very bad pub.

Gótica/o – an unbearable and tiresome person that always complains.

Grogui – like groggy in English.

Guaperas – a gorgeous guy.

Genio – someone that´s brilliant.

Ir de tapeo or Tapear – to go for some tapas.

Jeta – a cheeky monkey.

Lameculos – people that kiss their bosses butt.

Ligón – the guy that gets the girl every time.

Lunático/a – a very crazy person.

Mamón – a very stupid person.

Mearse de la risa – to laugh so hard you feel you´re going to pee in your pants.

Machaca – one that works himself out at the gym all the time non stop.

Mantenido – a guy that cannot pay the rent so needs a rich woman by his side.

Novato/a – someone that is unexperienced, a rookie.

Ojú – Andalusian exclamatory expression.

Paticorto/a – a person with short legs.

Pegarse un hostión – to fall on your face.

Palizón – getting beat up.

Hechar un polvo – to have sex.

Peña – a group of people.

Pijo – a guy that´s a fashion victim and always wears the best stuff.

Pedorro/a – the one that farts a lot.

Pendón berbenero – a pro.

Rajar sobre algo – to talk and talk and talk. (rajar a alguien – hurt someone with a knife)

Resaca – a hangover.

Resacón – a really big hangover.

Soboón – a very touchy person.

Soplagaitas – Scottish bagpipes playing or someone very annoying and not bright.

Sudarséla – when you really don’t care about something.

Tocapelotas – a guy that´s always on your nerves.

Trola – a big Lie.

Trolero/a – a big liar.

Trincar – to get something illegally or if you get it yourself means to get caught by the cops.

Trena – jail.

Tostón – something extremely boring.

Vacilar – to be in doubt or if you´re doing it to somebody you´re trying to pull their leg.

Vacilón – someone that cannot make up his or her mind or someone that´s tying to annoy somebody else by pulling their leg.

Vidorra – to live the life you´re meant to live .

Yuyú – to experience something bad.

If you know some cool Spanish words that are not on the list please add them in the comments section.

7 thoughts to “Cool Spanish Words”

  1. Add them!!
    Cani – a male who listens to reggaeton and wears fake designer clothes. He’s not very intelligent and he’s disgusting.

    Choni – a female who is exactly the same as the cani but the female version. She wears a lot of make-up and an extremely big bun on top of her head.

    Pagafantas – the typical friend who goes with his other friend to parties (who is hotter than him) and ends up paying for the girls’ drinks who end up with his friend.

    Asaltacunas – a guy (usually +18) who dates younger girls.

    Coso – a big thing, an object.

    Ñe – the equivalent to “I don’t know” when you don’t know what to choose between “yes” and “no”.

    Chachi – cool.

    Trasto – an object which irritates you or just an object.

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