Cool Spanish Words

Looking for cool words in Spanish? Below you will find a list of cool Spanish words that you may not learn in a classroom. These words are spoken in Spain, they may or may not be used in other countries.

List of Cool Spanish Words

Amor – a loving nickname you say to another person. Usually the one you love. It is also the word for love.

Amorfo – can be used to refer to an ugly person. It literally means without form.

Achuchar – to hug someone to the point that they can´t breath.

Acojonar – to frighten someone to the extreme.

Agobio – when someone feels overwhelmed.

Estar acojonado – to feel tremendous fear caused by somebody else.

Arpía – a girl with very bad intentions .

Mala leche – to do something with bad intentions.

A saco paco – to do something without thinking and very fast.

Botellón – a meeting with friends in a park or public place with a lot of alcohol involved.

Estar de bajón – to feel very depressed and unwilling to do anything.

Borracho/a – someone that had too much to drink.

Ser bestial – to be the best at something.

Bocazas – a person with a big mouth.

Buitre – a person who hoards everything.

Bien dotao – a person who has everything perfect.

Cabrón – the male goat or someone that is playing a practical joke to another person.

Cachas – one who is all muscle.

Cuatro ojos – anyone who wears glasses. Also known as “Gafotas”.

Chulo – a person that thinks he´s so Macho.

Comerse un marrón – to get into a lot of trouble

Descojonarse de la risa – to laugh hysterically.

Demente – someone that is crazy.

Empollón/a – a young person who studies all the time and has no social life.

Forrarse – to become rich in an instant.

Perro faldero – one that follows you around all the time like a dog.

Guay – very colloquial Spanish saying to express that we really like something.

Guiri – non Spaniard, mostly used for tourists.

Gorrón – one that´s always begging for something and getting away with it.

Antro – a very bad pub.

Gótica/o – an unbearable and tiresome person that always complains.

Grogui – like groggy in English.

Guaperas – a gorgeous guy.

Genio – someone that´s brilliant.

Ir de tapeo or Tapear – to go for some tapas.

Jeta – a cheeky monkey.

Lameculos – people that kiss their bosses butt.

Ligón – the guy that gets the girl every time.

Lunático/a – a very crazy person.

Mamón – a very stupid person.

Mearse de la risa – to laugh so hard you feel you´re going to pee in your pants.

Machaca – one that works himself out at the gym all the time non stop.

Mantenido – a guy that cannot pay the rent so needs a rich woman by his side.

Novato/a – someone that is unexperienced, a rookie.

Ojú – Andalusian exclamatory expression.

Paticorto/a – a person with short legs.

Pegarse un hostión – to fall on your face.

Palizón – getting beat up.

Hechar un polvo – to have sex.

Peña – a group of people.

Pijo – a guy that´s a fashion victim and always wears the best stuff.

Pedorro/a – the one that farts a lot.

Pendón berbenero – a pro.

Rajar sobre algo – to talk and talk and talk. (rajar a alguien – hurt someone with a knife)

Resaca – a hangover.

Resacón – a really big hangover.

Soboón – a very touchy person.

Soplagaitas – Scottish bagpipes playing or someone very annoying and not bright.

Sudarséla – when you really don’t care about something.

Tocapelotas – a guy that´s always on your nerves.

Trola – a big Lie.

Trolero/a – a big liar.

Trincar – to get something illegally or if you get it yourself means to get caught by the cops.

Trena – jail.

Tostón – something extremely boring.

Vacilar – to be in doubt or if you´re doing it to somebody you´re trying to pull their leg.

Vacilón – someone that cannot make up his or her mind or someone that´s tying to annoy somebody else by pulling their leg.

Vidorra – to live the life you´re meant to live .

Yuyú – to experience something bad.

If you know some cool Spanish words that are not on the list please add them in the comments section.

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