Objects and Things That Starts With Letter I

Have you ever played the games of guessing things that start with a specific letter?

Have you ever tried to remember things around you that start with the letter A, B, E or maybe with some other letter?

It is always interesting to guess words that start with a specific letter.

There are various games related to it and they can be interesting both to younger and to older people.

In this text, we will talk about objects and things that start with the letter I.

If you try to remember things that start with this letter, you will probably be able to remember a couple of these words immediately.

Of course, there will be many things that start with I that you will not be able to remember.

If you are interested in hearing what things and objects start with the letter I, you should stay with us and read this text.

We will tell you not only what objects start with the letter I, but we will also explain you what each of these objects and things represents.

So, with every object or thing that we will mention that starts with the letter I, we will give you also an explanation that will help you understand better the function of that object or thing.

So, let’s see what objects and things start with the letter I and what we use them for.

The Most Common Objects and Things That Start With the Letter I

Item. The first object that starts with the letter I that we are going to mention in this text is the item.

The item is actually another word for the thing or object. We can also say “an item of clothes”, which means “a piece of clothes.”

Also, an item can be used to determine a thing that makes a part of a certain list. An item can be also a part of a collection.

Identity card. An identity card is a public document that citizens use to prove their identity within their home country.

An identity card or an ID card contains important information about an individual, and sometimes it can also be used as a travel document.

In addition to the photo, the identity card contains important information such as date of birth, residential address, etc.

In most countries, an identity card is a mandatory document that every adult citizen must carry with himself.

If a person refuses to show an ID card to the police or if the person does not have an ID card in a country where it is mandatory, then that person receives a certain penalty.

Index card. Another word that starts with the letter I is the index card.

This object is actually a small card that is used for recording different information.

Information on index card are usually stored in an alphabetical way.

Sometimes the index card is also called a summary card or a concept card.

Ice cubes tray. An ice cube tray is an object that almost every household has in the freezer. It serves for making ice cubes.

There are different types of ice cube trays, but the principle is the same. Ice cube trays can be made of silicone or plastic.

You only need to pour water or juice into a container intended for ice cubes and put it in the freezer.

When the liquid freezes you can take as many ice cubes as you need.

Inhalator. The next object whose name starts with the letter I is inhalator.

It is a device that is used for inhaling, especially in the case of a severe cold and nasal congestion.

Other names for inhalator are inhaler and respirator. This device provides a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen that are necessary for breathing.

Inhaler. The inhaler is a device that is used for relieving different bronchial or asthma problems.

The inhaler can be very effective in the case of nasal congestion.

A certain drug is put in the inhaler and someone who has a problem with breathing should breathe this drug in.

This way it would be easier for this person to breathe.

As we have said, the inhaler is the same device as inhalator that we have already mentioned above.

Instrument. An instrument is a tool that helps us to do a certain job easier, better and more precisely.

The word instrument is used in various spheres of life, for example in everyday life, medicine, music, as well as in many other areas.

For example, an instrument can be a device that is used for producing music, but it can also refer to an electrical device.

When we talk about a music instrument, it is usually said that someone “plays an instrument”.

Also, an instrument can be also a device that serves for measuring the quantity of something.

Interphone. The interphone is also an object that begins with the letter I. This object is actually a telephone system that is used to link two rooms.

We can also say that it is an intercommunication system that is used as a connection between two or more stations or offices.

The interphone exists not only in buildings, but also in ships, airplanes, etc.

Incubator. An incubator is an apparatus that is used to protect babies that are usually premature or very small in size.

An incubator is a device that is necessary for the care and protection of premature babies.

The incubator allows babies to breathe if they are not able to breathe on their own after birth.

Ice skates. Ice skates are boots that have metal blades underfoot and they are used in ice skating.

There are many different types of ice skates and they are used in many sports, such as ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, bandy, ringette, etc.

Indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are made for wearing them at home.

These shoes are completely made of organic gum rubber.

There are various types and brands of indoor shoes, but they are all made to be comfortable and warm for the person who wears them indoors.

Although they are meant to be worn indoors, these shoes can sometimes be worn outside, too.

Insoles. Insoles are pieces that are made of special materials and they are placed inside the shoes.

Insoles have the function to make shoes more comfortable and fit.

If you have insoles in your shoes, they will give you extra comfort and they will make your feet warm.

If you wear insoles regularly, they will prevent any discomfort or irritation in your feet.

Of course, if you wear the appropriate insoles, it will be much easier for you to walk.

Infant clothes. Infant clothes is also called baby clothes, which means that it is the clothes made extra for babies.

Infant clothes are designed by numbers and sizes. Mostly these are sizes from 1 to 3 months, from 3 to 6 months, from 6 to 9 months, etc.

Itinerary. Another object that starts with the letter I is the itinerary.

This object is actually a travel document that is recording the route and the path that someone should follow on his journey.

Ink pen. We all know that pens are common instruments for writing.

The object that starts with the letter I is the ink pen. It is a type of a pen that is using liquid ink for writing.

We can use ink pen to write on a paper or on some other surface for writing.

Ivory. There is one more object that starts with the letter I. It is the ivory.

The ivory is a material of white colour that is very hard by touch. It is made of the teeth or tusks of the elephant.

According to that, we can say that the ivory consists of dentine, a tissue that forms the teeth, along with pulp, enamel and cementum.

Apart from dentine, the ivory contains mineralised collagen.

Of course, there is the ivory that we get directly from nature, but there is also the ivory that is produced synthetically.

Since the oldest times, the ivory was valued in manufacturing and art.

There are many items that have been made of the ivory, such as the ivory carvings, keys for piano, false teeth, etc.

As we have said, the ivory comes usually from elephant’s teeth or tusks, but there is also the ivory from other animals, such as hippopotamus, mammoth, warthog, narwhal, etc.

Ingredient. Ingredient is also a thing that begins with the letter I. It is actually a component or a part of something.

Another meaning of an ingredient is a substance or a food that is used to make a certain dish.

Ibuprofen. Another object that starts with the letter I is ibuprofen.

It is actually a drug that is used as a painkiller.

Ibuprofen is available to buy without having a prescription.

We can also say that ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used to ease pain.

Ibuprofen is usually used in the case of migraine, toothache, cold or muscle aches.

Ibuprofen is also used during the menstrual period because it is believed that it can ease menstrual cramps.

Also, many people who have arthritis are using ibuprofen to ease the pain in their bones and muscles.

Iron. The word iron has a lot of meanings.

Apart from being used to determine a mineral that is very important for normal functioning of the body, iron can also determine a device that is used for ironing sheets, clothes, etc.

In this case we talk about an electrical device that is used in every household.

In addition to that, we have also an ironing board.

Ironing board. As you can suppose, an ironing board is a board that is used for ironing.

Actually, it is a long and narrow board that has legs.

There are usually soft materials on this board and the board is used for ironing clothes etc.

Inn. Another word that starts with the letter I and that is used to determine an object or a thing is inn.

It is quite a rare word, so it may be possible that you haven’t heard of it yet.

Inn is actually a restaurant or an eating house that provides accommodation, drink and food for people who are travelling. It is something like a guest house or like a hostel.

Igloo. At the end of this text we are going to present you one more object that starts with the letter I.

It is an igloo. It is known as the snow house, which means that it is built of snow. An igloo is something like a shelter that is used to protect people from cold.

An igloo is usually used as a temporary shelter, but there are also large igloos that are used in different purposes.

Since ancient times, an igloo was used for hunters who are travelling all over the world.

Also, the so called Inuit families were using igloos in the past.

Although igloos are not a common type of a house today, they were very important for old cultures among Arctic communities.

Igloos are used even today. They are used as a shelter for some hunters and other travellers who need accommodation for a night or two at the time of a winter season.

Other Objects and Things Starting With I

Ice chest

Ice crusher

Ice maker

Ice roller

Ice scoop

Instant pot

Inch ruler

Inch tape


Ink pad

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