Objects and Things That Starts With Letter J

Have you ever tried to remember all words that start with a certain letter?

Have you ever played games of guessing things that start with a specific letter?

In this article we are going to present you objects and things whose names start with the letter J.

There are a lot of objects that start with this letter and we are going to tell you something more about them.

Also, we are going to give you a short explanation with each of these objects and things.

If you would like to hear what objects and things start with the letter J, you should read this article and see all the words that we have prepared for you.

The Most Common Objects and Things That Start With the Letter J

Jacket. The first object that starts with the letter J that we are going to mention in this article is the jacket.

It is a part of the clothes for the outside. Because of that we usually say that it is an outer part of the clothes.

A jacket has usually the length to the waist or to the hips, but there are also longer jackets that have the length to the knees.

When a jacket is longer, it usually has a belt around the waist.

Also, it is important to say that a jacket is a part of the clothes or the outer covering that always has sleeves.

A jacket can also be defined as an outer garment that is made for the upper part of the body.

A jacket is similar to a coat, but a coat is usually a bit longer than a jacket.

Jeans. Another object starting with the letter J is the jeans.

Actually, it is the piece of the clothes made usually of cotton fabric.

The jeans are casual trousers or pants that can be also made of denim. Denim is a strong cloth made of cotton.

Jeans are traditional clothes and type of pants that are popular among all generations. Both younger and older people like wearing jeans.

Jeggings. Another piece of clothes also begins with the letter J and it is very popular, especially among younger population.

We are talking about jeggings. Yes, you have heard well. Jeggings are similar to leggings, but there is a little difference.

Actually, the jeggings are a type of leggings that look like denim jeans. They are skin-tight and usually made of cotton.

Very often the jeggings have elastic band around the waist and they don’t have pockets.

Jersey. There are more pieces of clothes that start with J. We are going to talk about the jersey now.

It is a knitted item of clothes that has long sleeves. Both men and women are wearing jerseys and this part of clothes is always worn on the upper part of the body.

The jersey is something like a loose fitting shirt. Sometimes the members of a sport team are wearing jersey as a uniform of the team.

Jumpsuit. There is one more piece of clothes starting with the letter J. It is the jumpsuit.

This part of clothes is made up of trousers and a top with sleeves that are all in one piece.

The jumpsuit is always only one piece of clothes, but it covers both the upper and the lower part of the body.

Very often the jumpsuit is a fashion item of clothes and sometimes it can be even used as a uniform.

Jewel. The jewel is one more object that starts with the letter J. It refers to a precious stone that is also called a gem, gemstone or a brilliant.

The jewel can also refer to a piece of jewellery that contains a stone or a precious stone.

The jewel can be also a compass or a watch that contains a precious stone.

Jewellery. The next object that starts with the letter J that we are going to mention is the jewellery.

When we say jewellery, it refers to different decorative pieces, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

Pieces of jewellery are usually made from some valuable metals. Many of them also contain precious stones.

Of course, the price of jewellery will depend on the metal they are made of.

Also, it is important to take into account if there are precious stones contained in the jewellery.

There are different types of jewellery. The most popular jewellery is the jewellery made of silver and gold.

Jewellery is always a great option if you are looking for an original present for someone you love.

Regardless of whether it is your sister, mother, friend or someone else, we are sure that this person will be delighted if you give her a piece of her favourite jewellery.

According to that, we are going also to mention a jewellery box.

Jewellery box. We have told you what jewellery is and now we are going to talk about the jewellery box. It is also an object that starts with the letter J.

This object is very popular among women of all generations.

It is actually a box that is used for jewellery. Each woman usually has a jewellery box and keeps all her jewellery in it.

A jewellery box is also a good idea if you want to surprise your loved person.

Also, if your friend or a sister has a birthday, it is a great idea to give her a jewellery box.

It is always a good idea for a gift. There are many different types of a jewellery box.

In the old times, a jewellery box was considered as a symbol of luxury and higher economic and social status.

However, today most women have jewellery boxes. They are more or less expensive, but each of them has a specific meaning for a woman.

When a woman opens a jewellery box, it shows all her wealth.

Also, a jewellery box is always full of different memories for a woman.

For many women a jewellery box has sentimental values and hides many secrets in it.

Wearing a certain piece of jewellery is always a symbol of something from the past.

That’s why we can say that the jewellery box has always a specific meaning for a woman and it is a great idea if you want to surprise someone you love.

Jar. Another object that starts with the letter J is the jar. It is a container that usually has a cylindrical shape.

A jar is made of glass in most cases and it usually has a lid on the top.

Each household has a lot of jars and they are usually used for storing different types of foods.

Apart from being made of glass, a jar can also be made of pottery.

Regardless of what the jar is made of, its function is always the same.

As we have said, a jar is used to store food. In general, it is very important to screw the lid on the jar well, so that the content of the jar lasts as long as possible.

Jars are usually stored in a dry and dark place, away from sunlight and heat.

The jars are mostly stored in the pantry, in the basement or in some other cooler place.

Jam, marmalade, honey, various types of salads that cannot be bought fresh in the winter, etc. are mostly stored in jars.

Jacuzzi. As you probably know, the Jacuzzi is a type of a large bath that is used for massaging the body.

Actually, the Jacuzzi is based on a system of underwater that has the function to massage the whole body.

We can also say that the Jacuzzi is also the portable device that can turn into the spa.

The name Jacuzzi comes from the inventor of Jacuzzi whose name was Roy Jacuzzi.

Sitting in a Jacuzzi can have a lot of health benefits, for example the relaxation of muscle, the relief of pain etc.

It is also proved that sitting in a Jacuzzi can improve the quality of a sleep.

If you don’t have the chance to enjoy in your own Jacuzzi at home, you can simply go to spa and feel all the benefits of this magical bath.

Jackhammer. One more object that starts with the letter J is a jackhammer. It is actually a portable hammer that functions with the gas or air.

Jack. The next object that starts with the letter J is the jack.

Actually, there are many objects with this name that have different functions.

First of all we are going to mention the jack that is something like a socket. It can receive a jack plug and it usually has more than two terminals.

Apart from being a socket, a jack can also refer to a device that is used for lifting many heavy objects.

It is usually used for lifting a vehicle in order to change its wheel or to inspect the underside of a vehicle.

The third meaning of the word jack is a playing card. A jack can be a card that represents a soldier, a knave or a page.

As you can see, there are three different meanings related to a word “jack” and we hope that now you can make a clear difference between all these objects.

Jeep. The jeep is one more object that starts with J. The jeep is actually a travel object that starts with this letter.

The jeep is a small motor vehicle that has 4 wheels and the military uses it in most cases.

There are many models of the jeep. This vehicle is usually used for travelling on rough types of ground.

As we have said, it is usually used by the army, but also for travelling in jungles and other grounds that are difficult to go through.

Journal. The journal is the magazine or the newspaper that is dedicated to a specific subject.

It can be also used for dealing with special professional activities.

Joystick. The next object that starts with the letter J is the joystick.

If you like playing Sony and similar games, then you certainly know what the joystick is.

It is a device that has the function to control the cursor that is moving.

Also, it can control the movement of a computer pointer.

In most cases the joystick is used for playing games, but it can be also used for graphics applications.

Jingle bell. At the end we are going to mention the jingle bell.

It is another thing or object that starts with the letter J.

The jingle bell is the bell that is made of metal and it has a ball inside of it. Jingle bell is usually round and hollow.

As we said, there is a metal ball inside of the jingle bell and it is producing a sound when the bell moves.

Other Objects and Things Starting With J



Jet engine

Jigsaw puzzle



Jumbo pen


Jungle gym



You have seen in this article many objects and things that start with the letter J.

We have given you short explanations with the most of these objects and we hope that it was interesting for you to read it.

Also, at the end of this article we have given you a couple more ideas for the objects starting with J.

We hope that you liked this article and we are sure that you will think about more words starting with J.

Look around you and try to remember if there are more objects that start with the letter J.

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