Objects and Things That Starts With Letter K

There have always been games of guessing words that start with different letters.

One of those games is to guess the words that start with a certain letter and that you can see somewhere around you.

In this text we will deal with objects and things that begin with the letter K.

There are many objects that start with this letter and you can probably think of most of them at any time.

Besides the words “key”, “knife” or “kettle”, there are also many other words that start with the letter K.

If you can’t remember what those words are, we will help you in that.

We will tell you some of the most common words that start with the letter K and we will give you brief explanations for each of those words.

At the end of the text, we will list a few more words that begin with the letter K, and you will certainly remember many words that begin with this letter.

If you like discovering new words and guessing which objects start with a certain letter, we are sure that you will find this text useful and interesting.

As we have said, in this text we will deal with the words that start with the letter K.

If you want to find out what these words are, you should stay with us and read this text.

The Most Common Objects and Things That Start With the Letter K

Key. The first object that we are going to mention when it comes to the things and objects starting with the letter K is the key.

It is a well known object for all of us. As you know, a key is a metal that is used to open the door.

Actually, we insert this peace of metal into the lock and turn it in order to open or to close the door.

Each lock has its own key, made particularly to open or to close this special lock.

However, there is also another meaning of the word “key”. It could be a button on a handy or on a computer.

For example, we can say “the enter key need to be pressed.”

Keychain. Another object that starts with the letter K is the keychain. It is a device that we use to hold the keys on it.

Apart from the keys that it is holding on, the keychain is made up of the metal ring and short chain.

Also, the keychain usually has small decorative elements that make each keychain specific and different from others.

Keybutton. The next thing that starts with the letter K is the keybutton.

It is a button on the keyboard that we press in order to write a number or a letter that should be printed.

Keyboard. When we talk about keybutton and other keys on a computer, we have also to mention a keyboard.

It is another object that starts with the letter K.

The keyboard is a key panel that we use when we want to operate a computer.

Also, the keyboard could be a key set on some musical instruments, for example on a piano.

Keg. The next object that starts with the letter K is the keg. It is a type of a small barrel that usually contains less than 10 gallons (in the UK).

According to the US, this small barrel contains less than 30 gallons.

This barrel is usually used for storing carbonated drinks, such as beer, etc. In most cases it is a metal barrel.

This is the most important meaning of the word “keg”.

However, we should also mention an interesting fact related to this word.

Actually, in the Northern England this word is usually used as slang and it has the meaning “pants” or “underpants””.

Kettle. There is another object that starts with the letter K and it is a kettle.

It is used in a kitchen and we are going to explain you what it actually means.

A kettle is actually a container in which we boil water. A kettle usually has a lid and a handle.

It is usually used for making a tea and that’s why sometimes it is called a teakettle.

Kite. Another word that starts with the letter K is the kite. It is actually a toy that consists of a material that is stretched over a frame.

The kite is flying in the air, actually in the wind. There is always a string that is holding the kite. Children adore seeing a kite in the sky.

Knife. The next object that is starting with the letter K is the knife.

This object is actually an instrument that has a blade.

Actually, a knife has always a handle and a blade that is fixed on it.

As we all know, a knife is usually used in the kitchen, for cutting bread, meat and other foods.

Also, a knife can be used for other purposes, for example it can be used as a weapon.

It is always dangerous to keep a knife near children.

Therefore, it is important to always keep the knife away from children, in order to avoid any dangerous situations.

Regardless of whether you use the knife in the kitchen or for some other purpose, it is important to be careful not to cut yourself.

Knocker. There is one more object whose name starts with the letter K. It is the knocker. It is actually a short form of a door knocker.

It is an instrument made of wood or metal that is hinged to a door.

When someone comes to visit you, this person will rap a door knocker in order to attract attention and to inform you that he/she has come.

A door knocker was primarily used in the past when there was still no doorbell, and in many households it is sometimes still used today.

Kit. The next word that starts with the letter K that is used to describe an object or a group of objects is the kit.

The kit is actually a group of articles or we can say it is the equipment that we need for specific purposes.

You have probably heard of the first-aid kit. It is a small box that contains plasters, bandages and many antiseptic wipes that are used in order to give help to someone who is injured and who needs medical treatment.

King sized bed. Another object that starts with K that we are going to mention is the king sized bed.

It is a double bed that is unusually large or long. Its length is usually between 1.9 and 2 meters. This bed is longer than a regular bed that has a standard size.

The dimensions of the king sized bed are usually 183 x 203 cm, but it depends from country to country.

The king sized bed is made for the couples who want to have an undisturbed and quality sleep.

Karate belt. The next item that starts with the letter K is the karate belt.

Based on the colour of the belt that one has in karate, it is possible to determine its rank in this sport.

If you understand karate, then you know that a white belt is generally the starting belt in this martial sport.

On the other hand, we have a black belt in karate which represents the highest level that can be reached in this sport.

Experts in karate wear a black belt and it is a great success to achieve this colour of the karate belt.

Apart from the white and black belt, there are other belts in karate, such as green, yellow, orange and other belts, and each of them has its own meaning in karate.

Kimono. The next thing that is starting with the letter K is the kimono.

In a literal sense the word “kimono” means “a thing for wearing”.

The kimono is a traditional Japanese piece of clothes that is worn as an outer garment.

We can also say that the kimono is a traditional Japanese item of clothes worn by men, women and children.

The kimono has a belt and long sleeves. Special Japanese socks and Japanese shoes are usually worn with the kimono.

Kimono was worn even in the distant past, that is, in the age of feudalism in Japan. The kimono was often worn with one side down and no pants were worn with it.

Even though the kimono is an outer garment, sometimes a white kimono was used for sleeping, too.

Today, a kimono is a very expensive item of clothing and costs around $10,000. Apart from the kimono, the belt worn with it is also expensive.

Kerchief. There is another object that starts with the letter K. It is the kerchief.

It is actually a piece of cloth or fabric that women are wearing as a covering for their heads.

Also, many women are wearing the kerchief around the neck. In this case the kerchief can be used as a scarf as well.

Kayak. The next object starting with the letter K is the kayak. It is actually a type of a boat that is very similar to a canoe.

The kayak is a type of a narrow and very small boat that the Inuit people are using in many purposes.

Also, the kayak can be used in canoeing that is a very popular water sport.

In this case this small boat is made in commercial purposes and there are many materials that it can be made of.

The kayak is made up of the light frame that is covered with animal skins.

The animal skins on the kayak are always watertight, which means that they don’t allow water to pass through the boat.

We can also say that the animal skins on the kayak are always water-resistant.

Knickers. Another interesting word that starts with the letter K is the knickers.

The knickers or the knickerbockers are a type of underwear for girls and women.

Actually, this part of clothes has two holes for legs and it covers the part between the thighs and the middle part of torso.

Kiosk. At the end of this text we are going to mention an object that is actually like a small building.

It is used for selling different things through the open window on it.

It is the kiosk. The kiosk is a small hut or a building with an open window in its front part. Many things can be sold this way.

For example, things that you can buy in a kiosk are daily newspapers, magazines, tickets, chocolates, water and other drinks, chewing gums, lollipops, etc.

The whole process of selling these things is through a window that is open.

Of course, there is always someone who is working in a kiosk.

Through the open window the person who works in the kiosk will give you what you want to buy.

Also, you will pay it through the window.

There are many kiosks everywhere in the cities, but also in smaller places all around the world.

A kiosk is a practical place for shopping because you don’t have to wait in a long line at the grocery store, and you can buy a lot of things in the kiosk.

There are kiosks on every corner in any major city and they are a favourite place to buy newspapers and other daily necessities.

Other Objects and Things Starting With K


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