Objects and Things That Starts With Letter N

Are you looking for the words that start with the letter N?

Do you need a list of the objects starting with this letter for your job or maybe you want to have them for fun?

Anyway, you have to read this article. We are going to give you a list of all objects that are starting with the letter N.

Of course, we will give you a definition with the most of these objects, in order to understand better their use in everyday life.

There are so many objects starting with the letter N, but we have chosen some of the most common objects that start with this letter and that we use fast every day.

We hope that you will find interesting information in this article and that you will like the list of the objects that we have prepared for you.

Now we are going to see what the most common objects and things that start with the letter N are.

It will probably make you think of some other objects starting with this letter, too.

The Most Common Objects and Things That Start With the Letter N

Notebook. The first object that starts with the letter N that we are going to talk about is a notebook. Actually, a notebook has two meanings.

First of all we have to say that a notebook is a small type of a book that we use for writing. We can write different notes in a notebook.

A notebook is made up of pages and they can be ruled or blanked. Notebooks can be in lines or in cubes, and they can also be with blank pages.

You can use a variety of pens, ballpoint pens and felt-tip pens to write in a notebook.

Depending on what you use a notebook for, you need to choose the appropriate notebook model.

Also, it is important to note that there are small and large notebooks that we use for writing. You can always choose between many different models of notebooks.

Students use notebooks at school and in addition notebooks can be used for other purposes and for writing many different things as well.

Notebook covers can be designed differently, which can also attract customers, especially the younger population.

Notebooks with various motives from cartoons, with animal characters, with cars and many other interesting designs are mostly attractive to children and younger students.

There are notebooks with thick covers, but also with thin covers. Depending on the size of a  notebook that you want to buy or if it will be with the cover or without it, etc., the price of the notebook will vary, too.

Notebooks can be purchased in any bookstore that sells school supplies, but they are also sold in many other stores.

This is the first and the most important meaning of a notebook that we use every day. But, we have already told you that a “notebook” can have another meaning, too.

A notebook is a type of a computer or a laptop, too. A notebook is always a small and slim laptop that is easy and practical to carry with yourself.

People often take a notebook with them to a coffee shop, while travelling on a bus or plane and in many other situations.

As we have already said, a notebook is very easy to carry with you wherever you go, unlike a real laptop, which is much larger and heavier.

Napkin. The next thing that starts with the letter N that we are going to talk about in this article is a napkin.

A napkin is actually a piece of paper or cloth in the shape of a square. It is used during or after a meal to wipe fingers and mouth.

Also, a napkin is usually used to protect clothes from stains and spots while eating.

When you are in a restaurant or at a festive lunch or dinner, you will definitely get a napkin along with the cutlery.

As we have said, a napkin is used to wipe your fingers, hands and lips after a meal.

On the table, napkins are usually placed in a napkin holder or there is one napkin next to each plate on the table.

In any case, a napkin is an indispensable part of every formal meal and celebration. Of course, when you are eating with your family, you don’t have to use napkins, but if you have guests, you should put napkins on the table.

There are various napkin designs. In accordance with the occasion, you will choose the appropriate pattern and colour of the napkin.

It is also important to say that there are collectors of napkins. More precisely, there are people who like to collect all kinds of napkins and save them in some kind of a box.

First of all, children have always loved to collect napkins and exchange them with each other.

Collecting different types of napkins has always been an interesting hobby, especially among children.

Nail file. Another object that we are going to mention in this article is a nail file. As you can see, this object is related to nails and it helps in their better look.

Actually, a nail fail is used to smooth the nails and to shape them. It can be used both for the nails on your fingers and toes.

A nail file is usually made of a metal that is roughened or it can be a simple strip made of thin wood that is covered with emery.

Nail files are an essential part of the nail trimming kit. They are used in every beauty salon and every woman usually has them at home, too.

Nail clippers. The next item that starts with the letter N is nail clippers which are also used on a daily basis.

Nail clippers are essential for trimming nails, both on the hands and feet. Nail clippers are generally made of metal, but they can also be made of plastic with a metal blade that can be more or less sharp.

There are also nail clippers that are made specifically for children and they are generally not as sharp as other nail clippers.

Nasal spray. The next thing that starts with the letter N is nasal spray. It is actually a medicine used in case of cold and stuffy nose.

If you have a problem with inflamed sinuses and stuffy nose, then a nasal spray is the right solution for you.

A nasal spray is a special device that we press in order to spray drops in the nose. In fact, this is how the medicine enters the nose and cleans it. This way a nasal spray makes breathing easier.

There are different types of nasal sprays, and your doctor will recommend which one is best for you.

Nasal spray is generally used several times a day. It is sprayed into both nostrils and solves the problem of nasal congestion.

There is a simple nasal spray based on sea salt that will clear your nose and make it easier for you to breathe, and it can certainly be used without consulting a doctor.

Newspaper. There is one more object that starts with the letter N. We are talking now about the newspaper.

You can buy them at kiosk or in fast every store. Newspaper is actually a printed publication that consists of sheets.

We can also say that the newspaper is a printed paper that is distributed every day or week.

Sheets in the newspaper are always unstapled and there can be a different number of sheets, depending what kind of newspaper we have.

If you read newspaper, you can find different news in it, as well as advertisements and articles.

Newspapers always contain the most important information related to current or local events.

Necklace. The next object that we are going to mention is a necklace. It is a piece of jewellery that starts with the letter N and that we are wearing around the neck.

Actually, a necklace is a type of a chain that can contain different jewels, beads or pearls. A necklace is usually made of silver or gold.

The price of a necklace will depend on the material that it is made of, the thickness of the necklace, the decorations on the necklace, etc.

A necklace can be a nice gift for the person you love and it can be a lasting memory from you to that person.

Net. The next object whose name starts with the letter N is a net. It is a device that we use to catch fish, butterflies, etc.

A net is usually made of rope or fabric that contains cords and threads. A net can be also made of plastic or wire and there is always a space between them.

When we talk about a net we have to mention a mosquito net as well. It is a fine net placed on a window or on a door.

This net is used to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

Nappy. The next object that starts with N that we are going to mention is a nappy. It is actually another word for a diaper.

If you have a baby, you certainly know what is a nappy. It is a piece of a material that is able to absorb liquids easily.

We wrap a nappy between the legs of a baby and around its bottom. A nappy can absorb and retain urine of a baby and also its faeces.

It can hold urine for a couple of hours or even to 12 hours.

There are different numbers of diapers, depending on the age and size of the child. For newborns we use a nappy number 1, for older babies there is a nappy number 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Neckerchief. We are going also to mention a neckerchief. It is a cloth that people wear around the neck.

Another name for a neckerchief is a scarf. People are wearing neckerchiefs outside as a protection from wind or as accessorize.

Also, a neckerchief can be a part of a uniform and it is usually worn by sailors or cowboys.

However, in most cases women are wearing this type of clothes, but sometimes it can be also worn by men.

Nowadays exist the neckerchiefs both for women and men.

Necktie. At the end we are going to mention a necktie. It is another word for tie and it begins with the letter N, like all other objects that we have mentioned in this article.

A necktie is a piece of clothes that is long and it is worn around the neck. Men are usually wearing neckties, but sometimes it can also be a part of a woman’s style.

A necktie is tied with a knot on the front side of a shirt and under the collar.

Other Objects and Things Starting With N

Nail polish

Napkin holder

Napkin ring

Nasal aspirator



Neon markers







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