Spanish Words That Start With C

Spanish has always been considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world. This Romance language is very melodious and picturesque.

Many people learned to say a lot of Spanish during the time when the Spanish-language series were popular.

That is why there are a lot of Spanish words that sound familiar to us, but it may happen that we don’t know their true meaning.

That is exactly why we have prepared this text for you. In this text we will reveal to you which Spanish words start with the letter C.

First, we will give you a list of several Spanish words that we use every day and that are common in the Spanish language, and then we will give you a list of some other Spanish words that also start with the letter C.

Of course, next to each Spanish word we will say what its meaning is in English.

Also, we will give you sentences in both English and Spanish that will help you better understand the words that we are talking about.

So, in this text you will find many interesting information and new words of the Spanish language.

We hope that you will enjoy it and that we will help you to enrich your Spanish vocabulary.

Let’s see now what are the most common Spanish words that start with the letter C.

The Most Common Spanish Words That Start With the Letter C

CORAZÓN. The first word on our list of Spanish words that start with the letter C is corazón. This word starts with the letter C which is pronounced as K in this case.

The word corazón is one of the most common nouns in the Spanish language and it is used every day. This word can have several meanings.

First of all, the word corazón is used to denote one of the most important organs in the human body, which is the heart, so the adequate English translation for this word is “heart”.

Accordingly, we can say: Soportará esta operación porque tiene un corazón fuerte, which could be translated into English as: “He will endure this operation because he has a strong heart.

Apart from the basic meaning of the word corazón as an organ in the human body, this word can also be used as a nickname for a dear or loved person.

In this sense, the word corazón would mean “love”, “dear”, etc.

CARA. One of the most common Spanish words that start with the letter C is cara. It is a feminine noun that has the meaning “face”.

It can be used with the definite article – la cara, as well as with an indefinite article – una cara, depending on the context.

In the following example we are going to use this noun with the definite article:

  • Tienes muchas espinillas en la cara.
  • “You have a lot of pimples on your face.”

Now we are going to give you an example with the word cara that is not determined.

  • Ella tiene una cara
  • “She has a sad face.”

Besides the word cara can be used in its basic meaning where it denotes a part of the body, it is also possible to use this word in a figurative sense, which you can see in the example:

  • Muestra tu verdadera cara.
  • “Show your true face.” (Show who you really are)

CARNE. The next Spanish word that starts with the letter C that we have prepared for you and that is used almost every day is carne, which means “meat”.

So, one of the basic foods in the human diet is called carne in Spanish.

We will give you an example to better understand the meaning of this Spanish word: Compró 2 kg de carne ayer.

That would be in English: “He bought 2 kg of meat yesterday”.

CÁRCEL. Another Spanish word that starts with the letter C is cárcel. It is a masculine noun, so with the definite article, we would have el cárcel, while with an indefinite article it would be un cárcel.

If we translate this word to English, it would be “prison” or “jail”. You are going to see an example below.

Spanish: Su padre estuvo en la cárcel durante 5 años porque robó un automóvil.

English: Her father was in prison for 5 years because he stole a car.

CABALLO. The next Spanish word on our list determines an animal and also starts with the letter C.

This word is caballo, which you have probably already heard and in English it means “horse”.

This is a masculine Spanish noun, so you may find the forms el caballo or un caballo, depending on whether the noun is pre-determined in context or not.

CAMARERO. Another common noun in Spanish that starts with the letter C is camarero. When translated in English, this noun means “waiter”.

As you can see, it is a masculine noun. But, it can be also used as a feminine noun and in this case its form would be camarera, which has the meaning of “waitress” in English.

We are going to give you simple examples, both in Spanish and English.

Le dejé propina al camarero, which could be said in English: “I left a tip for the waiter.”

Esta camarera es muy amable. – “This waitress is very kind.”

COCINERO. Another Spanish word starting with C that takes place on our list is cocinero. It is a noun that means “cook” or “chef”.

As you can suppose, the word cocinero determines a person who cooks professionally, for example in a restaurant or at some other similar place. Cooking is the profession of that person.

Look at the following sentences:

A mi hijo le encanta cocinar y le gustaría ser cocinero cuando sea grande.

“My son loves to cook and would like to be a cook when he grows up.”

Of course, this noun can also be feminine and denote a woman who cooks.

In Spanish it would be the word cocinera, while in English the form of the word would remain the same as in the masculine gender – “a cook”.

According to that we are going to give you a following example:

Su mamá es cocinera, which would be translated in English as “Her mom is a cook”.

CERDO. There is another animal in Spanish that starts with the letter C and it is cerdo. The meaning of this word is “pig”.

As in most languages, this word can be used in its true and literal meaning, which means that it means a domestic animal.

However, sometimes this word can have an offensive meaning and it can be used in a negative context as well.

For example, you can tell someone eres un cerdo (you are a pig), which can sound quite offensive.

CANTAR. The next Spanish word that starts with the letter C is the verb cantar which means “to sing”.

It is a regular verb in Spanish. We will give you an example below.

Spanish: Él canta muy bonito.

English: “He sings very beautifully”.

CUERPO. The next Spanish word that we have prepared for you is cuerpo. It is a common word in Spanish and it means “body”.

Grammatically speaking, it is a masculine noun, so it can be said el cuerpo with the definite article and also un cuerpo with an indefinite article.

As you know, cuerpo is a set of parts that are making up every living being. For example we can say:

  • Tu cuerpo es muy fuerte porque haces ejercicio regularmente.
  • “Your body is strong because you exercise regularly.”

However, apart from this basic meaning of the word cuerpo, this word can also mean a person or an animal that is not alive, that is, the body of that person or animal.

You can see the following example to understand it better.

Spanish: Encontramos su cuerpo escondido en el bosque.

English: “We found her body hidden in the woods.”

COMER. The next Spanish word that starts with the letter C is comer. Translated into English, this word means “to eat” and it is one of the most common verbs in any language.

The verb comer is a regular verb and it is modified with the help of common suffixes.

Below we will give you an example for the use of this verb.

  • Nunca como carne.
  • “I never eat

If, for example, we use this verb in the past tense, then its form would be slightly different.

  • Cuando era pequeño era delgado porque no comía (“When he was little he was thin because he didn’t eat much.”)

There is also another example with the verb comer used in the past tense.

  • Ayer comí mucho pan y por eso me duele el estomago. (“I ate a lot of bread yesterday and that’s why my stomach hurts.”)

CORRER. There is one more verb in the Spanish language that starts with C and it is correr. It is a common verb that means “to run”.

  • A ella no le gusta correr, prefiere caminar.
  • “She doesn’t like to run, she prefers to walk.”

Or for example, when it is said in Spanish: Corrió muy rápido en el marathon, it means in English “He ran very fast in the marathon.”

CINTURA. The next word on our list of Spanish words that start with C is cintura. It is also a common word and it means “waist”.

In Spanish language this word is a feminine noun – la cintura or una cintura.

We can say in Spanish: Ella tiene una cintura muy delgada, which means “She has a very thin waist.”

CINTURÓN. In accordance with the previous word, we have another similar word and this word is cinturón. It has the meaning “belt” in English.

Cinturón is worn around the waist and it has the function to support clothes. Also, it can be used for carrying weapons.

CAMA. One more word in Spanish that starts with the letter C is cama and we use it every day. This word means “bed” in English.

As you can see, the word cama in Spanish refers to the piece of furniture we sleep on.

There is an example below that can be helpful to you.

  • Duerme conmigo en la cama.
  • “Sleep with me in bed.”

Other Spanish Words Starting With C

Caballero (gentleman)

Cabeza (head)

Cabezón (stubborn)

Cacerola (pan)

Cadáver (corpse)

Café (coffee)

Caja (box)

Calcetines (socks)

Calculadora (calculator)

Calma (calm)

Caluroso (warm)

Caminar (to walk)

Camisa (shirt)

Camiseta (t-shirt)

Campeón (champion)

Característica (characteristic)

Cariñoso (affectionate)

Casa (home)

Castigo (punishment)

Castillo (castle)

Casualidad (chance, accident)

Champú (shampoo)

Chuleta (chop)

Cebolla (onion)

Cebra (zebra)

Cena (dinner)

Cenar (to have dinner)

Cepillo (brush)

Cerebro (brain)

Cerveza (beer)

Ciencia (science)

Cine (cinema)

Claro (clear)

Clase (class)

Clave (clue, key)

Cliente (client)

Cobarde (coward)

Cocina (kitchen)

Codo (elbow)

Coliflor (cauliflower)

Color (color)

Comedor (dining room)

Comparar (to compare)

Competición (competition)

Comprar (to buy)

Conejo (rabbit)

Contento (glad)

Corbata (tie)

Correcto (correct)

Creer (to believe)

Cuarto (room)

Cuello (neck)

Cuchara (spoon)

Cuchillo (knife)

Cuenta (account)

Cuidar(se) (to take care, to look after)

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