The Top 15 Slang Words of the 90’s

The 90’s were filled with a world of possibilities from the burgeoning internet to grunge and everything in between. The decade had some truly interesting slang words and terms that looking back now may bring on nostalgia, embarrassment and a laugh or two. With a decade full of possibilities, free speech and alternative rock, what slang words were all the rage?

1. Da Bomb! – Used as a reference of how something was really cool. I.e. “That last episode of Friends was da bomb!”

2. As If! – Made trendy by the popular 90’s movie Clueless, this term was used to show extraordinary disbelief and a lack of interest. I.e. “He wants me to go out with him… as if!”

3. Whatever! – Another Clueless creation, this word was used when showing an extreme lack of interest and a way to end a conversation. I.e. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore, okay… whatever!”

4. Tight – This slang word was used to show how great something was. I.e. “That new movie was tight, man!”

5. Trippin’ – Used as a way to show that someone was overly critical or crazy. I.e. “Man, she was straight trippin’.”

6. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda – Made popular by the TV show Seinfeld, the term was used to make a long story short. I.e. “We went on that one date last Friday and yadda, yadda, yadda… I never heard from him again.”

7. Aiiight – Used to show that something was OK or cool. “That aiiight, we’re good.”

8. Boo Ya! – Used as a way to show excite when you’ve done something awesome. I.e. “I just got a new job… Boo ya!”

9. Chillin’ – This slang word was used when referring to taking it easy or that you were fine. I.e. “I’m just sitting by the pool just chillin’, man.”

10. Dope – Used to say that something was great or interesting. “Those Keds are dope, man!”

11. Fly – Meaning that something was cool, good, fun, etc. I.e. “That episode of In Living Color was fly, yo!”

12. Yo! – A way to say hello. “Johnny, yo!”

13. My Bad – This slang term was used to show guilt, an error on your part, etc. “Awe man, was that your sandwich… my bad!”

14. Whoop, There It Is – Used to show that something was there even when other weren’t aware of it or to show accomplishment of a task done. I.e. “Just did my homework for the weekend, whoop, there it is!”

15. Diss – To show a lack of respect for something or someone. “Did you just diss my sister, man?”

Did we miss any 90’s words? If so, please share them in the comments.

10 thoughts to “The Top 15 Slang Words of the 90’s”

  1. “Chillin'”is from the ’80s
    “Chillin'”is from the ’80s and so is “yo”. Their popularity just carried over into the ’90s. “Booya” might have started in the ’90s, but it didn’t get really popular until the ’00s or even the ’10s. Strangely, “trippin'” was popular in the ’60s & ’70s. A classmate of mine was telling a story and used “trippin'”, but it was the mid ’80s so everyone made fun of her for using such an old term!

  2. Think this was the 90s
    Word…. “man that party was trippin” (someone else) “word” or “tru dat”.

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