Weird Words

Let’s face it: English is just weird and is filled with weird words! We mean that in all seriousness, although it is funny to think about. As one well-known folk songwriter said, why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? If we call a flock of goose geese, why not call moose meese? Believe it or not, the English language is filled with these same sorts of strange, amusing weird words. Here, we will give you a short list of weird words, as well as their weird definitions. This list of weird words might just come in handy the next time you want to weirdly express yourself!

  • Gloaming: The time when the sun is setting.
  • Mohel: Here is a weird word derived from Yiddish. Believe it or not, this person is the one responsible for performing circumcisions on young, Jewish baby boys.
  • Wenis: This is a weird word which borders on the seemingly suggestive. But is just means the extra skin on your elbow.
  • Verjuice: Juice that is collected from tart fruits, such as grapes that are not yet ripe or crab apples.
  • Chad: Although most of us recognize this as a name, it is also a technical term for a piece of wasted paper that is created when a hole is punched through a card or piece of paper.
  • Flews: Ever wonder what weird words are used to describe your dog’s thick lips. It’s just one; flews!
  • Craic: A term that, in modern Irish slang, means rambunctious fun.
  • Saucier: A chef who specializes in cooking sauces;
  • Thalassic: Is this a combination of the word the and the word classic? Think again! It is actually one of our weird words meant to refer to anything having to do with the sea.
  • Contronym: A word used to describe words that have two meanings that seemingly contradict one another.
  • Fribbler: This is one of the weird words from the 18th century. Basically, it was there term for a man who just would not commit to a woman.
  • Doodle sack: What could this mean? Something to keep art supplies in? Nope! It is just another way to refer to the bagpipes.
  • Petrichor: The scent outside right after a rain ends.
  • Kummerspeck: A German word that is used to refer to emotional overeating.
  • Hirci: A hirci is just another way to refer to armpit hair.

So that is our last of weird words, do you have any to add to the list?

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